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Hope all is well at your ends!! I came on here to quickly share about deep conditioning (DC).

It is one of the most essential things to do to your hair if you want your hair healthy and long. It also is one of those things that varies from one head of hair to the other in terms of products used..however the procedure for an effective deep conditioning treatment is largely the same. Below I am sharing 4 ways you might be doing a DC Wrongly...

DCing under this turban

1. FOCUSING ON JUST YOUR ENDS- Yes the ends are the oldest part of your hair and should be the focus when applying products, but the scalp where the hair follicles are needs some love too!! When I DC, I usually like to line my scalp with an oil blend  first then proceed to apply the treatment all over my hair, so that I give my hair a hot oil treatment at the same time as I treat the rest of my hair.

2. DON'T DC IN A HURRY- Deep conditioning shouldn't be something you do when you need to be somewhere ASAP! If you are at the salon under the steamer, get your money's worth and give your hair at least 30-45 minutes under that steamer...If you are at home and using body heat, give it at least an hour...this is because as the name implies, this is a DEEP treatment and needs time to penetrate deep into your hair shaft- Applying a hair mask for 15 minutes and then rinsing out is NOT a DC.

3. DISTRIBUTE THE PRODUCT EVENLY- There's no point deep conditioning just parts of your hair, section the hair into smaller sections so the product can be evenly distributed all over the hair and every strand is systematically coated.

4. DON'T LEAVE ANY HAIR OUT- If you are under the steamer, make sure your entire head is under the steamer and not just parts of it, I have seen some ladies sleeping under the steamer at the hub and their entire front hair is out of the hood or they are reading a magazine and half their head is bent away from the hood...OR if you are just using body heat and you leave your edges out because you don't want the shower cap laying on your forehead, this will deny those areas of the much needed heat that is required for a proper DC.

In summary, what is worth doing, is worth doing well. So if you have been making any of these mistakes adjust and get the most out of your deep conditioning treatment.

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  1. Olivetcnaturalz2 June 2018 at 20:18

    Thank you

  2. Thanks Dabs... Most of us deep condition but a reminder on how to do it right is always welcome...


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