How's everyone doing? Hope well...I promised to put up this post as I love reviewing different celebrity hairstyles after major red carpet lets get straight into it!!

The Hairstyle I was most blown away with was obviously this amazing HUGE braided do by Janelle Monae!!

Gosh she always knows how to work a braid doesn't she...year after year after year!! I can't get enough but personally I'd have switched things a little bit at the MET to match this year's theme- CHINA THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS...Nothing about this hairstyle reflects the theme...

But you know who did her homework thoroughly?!!!

My girl Rihanna!!!

Wasn't this absolutely beautiful and apt!!! Loved that this hair style plus the hair piece matched the theme and I've always loved this shade of red on Riri out of the colors she has experimented with, I also loved the simple make up and nude lips!! 

My next Fav has to be Selena Gomez!!

The white calla lilys used as a head piece real or not just gave her this fresh and clean look!! I didn't bother searching for what the back looked like but I must say this is an absolutely gorgeous way to sprush up a boring ponytail!! LOVE IT!!

My next fav was Solange!! Her hair style was really chic!! Just a plain strong blunt ponytail....I will put up a tutorial of me recreating this hair style using expressions extensions...can't wait to share my trick...stay tuned!!

My next fav was someone who always gets it right in the hair style dept!! Jessica Alba!!

From her hair to her makeup to her accessories, she just bronzed up real good!! GORG!!

My Final fav because her hair was just drool looked like it just felt soooo soft and smelt sooo good is Jennifer Lawrence!! Just Yummy!!

She just looks like a doll!! Adorable!!


I have to start with Queen B as she is called by her over the top fans (If you are one, please pardon me but I have to say it like I mean it Wendy style at this very moment)- Her hair was what I will term---hair bleaching GONE WRONG!!

It looks like the color job was done that evening as they tried to match her hair with the weave....her hair looks so tightly pulled up together that the base of the ponytail looks like the hair there will just be breaking off as the night passes...this is even a nice picture, some pics I saw up close her hair looks soooo damaged...we might have another Naomi on our hands if she is not careful...girl ask Solange what she is doing to her own hair and lay off the bleach a little!! Her make up was clean and gorg though!!

Another major diva whose hair just left me bleh has to be JLO!!

It just looked BORING!! Like she was in a hurry after dressing up and decided to just brush her hair to the back and leave the house! Maybe she didn't know the theme of the night!!

My final not so fav look was this Ice queen scary ''dare to look into her eyes'' look by Sarah Jessica Parker-

 She loves a good statement head piece which is cool and this one actually suited the theme but the entire look with the way her eyes just look like they can pierce into your soul makes her just look plain old scary to me!!

And with that I am done!! Enjoyed talking about something else other than the Salon Day Out on the 7th of June at Oriental Hotel for a change (See how I shamelessly plugged that in?lol ) It's going to be lots of fun people so please prepare to come in your numbers!!

Thanks for the continued support!