Hi Ladies,
How are you doing? Hope well!! I have been soooo busy I'm sure you can tell....the blog is so dusty, cobwebs everywhere!! But please bear with me, its because of all the running around I've been doing for the Salon Day Out on the 7th of June!!

This post is going to give a brief summary of the exciting vendors that will be at the Salon Day Out, so without much ado, let's start with-

- Expect their vast collection of oils, their leave-in conditioner (which I have raved about, love it!), their clays, flaxseed and lots more healthy, all natural products!!

- Ajali make whipped hair and body butters with essential oils, body scrubs and polishes all naturally made in different sizes from large tubs to travel size!!

- R and R Luxury make liquid Shea oil, baobab oil, soaps and decadent soy wax candles, their stall is bound to be filled with an aroma that will thrill the senses!!

- Design Essentials, proud sponsors of our BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS competition will be there with their array of products from their natural line, their salon care line and their recently launched Argan oil line, I recommend their Honey Curlforming Custard from their natural line, I've heard great reviews!!

- Namaste Organics will be there with  their vast range of body and hair butters, black soaps, scrubs, soaps that all smell divine....gosh our noses will be in for a treat!!

- Olori will be present, they do home grown hair products as well, the founder was kind enough to gift me their Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioner last year and I absolutely loved it!!

- Hair by Type 4 is Lade of Rehairducation's brand of well crafted wigs, from U-parts to I think full wigs and even naturally textured wigs...they will be on full display!!

African Naturalistas recently re-branded and have a great selection of home grown Nigerian products, I particularly LOVE their leave in which I reviewed some time ago!!

- Looking forward to Inner Beautee's whipped butters (Can't ever have enough of those)

- Beauty Boon are the stall to go to for all those U.S.A beauty and hair products you have been in search of, from makeup to fragrances, skin care and hair care!!

- Locitude will be very much present!! They will cater to all the Loc'd haired divas but expect stuff for regular naturals as well!!

- This online beauty supply store will present and fully loaded with all kinds of makeup and beauty needs...for the perfect retail therapy!!

- Beauty Revolution will be present too...you know all those products You Tube beauty gurus rave about? If you have been in search of them, these guys are the go to stall for such finds!!

- Got introduced to this company by Kemi Lewis( Hey Gurl!!), looking forward to their soaps and skin care products...more excuse to indulge!!

- HAIRVEN make hair products guaranteed to elongate the quality and lifespan of hair weaves and extensions at an affordable price and they will be present also!!

- Sizzelle are like the ying to Savvy & Chic's yang!! They will have all the popular and favorite hair products on most hair regimens...so if we don't have it, they've got it (and vice versa :)!!

Finally Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub!!! We will be there life and direct :) with our array of imported hair products as well as home grown brands we support at the hub and our bespoke creations like the SHEA BUTTER CUPS, SATIN SLEEP CAPS and we will introduce our new product which is the Savvy Chic 2-WAY SILK SCARF!! 


WOW NAILS LAGOS- Will be present offering manicures and nail art...
Source- Stylevitae.com
Source- Beautyinlagos.com

Just imagine luxuriating in their booth and getting a fresh manicure while you watch the Hairlistas battle it out!!

RAFFLE DRAW- There will be a raffle draw wherein all ticket holders automatically enter the raffle and will stand the chance to win a bunch of cool giveaways...let me let you in on one of the goodies up for grabs! If you love FALSIES then you will love that  THE LASH LOUNGE-  Is offering 2 winners FREE FULL SETS OF SEMI PERMANENT EYELASH EXTENSIONS, a N20,000 Value giveaway people!!

I am sooooooo excited to host all these wonderful brands and I'm very very thankful for the support...
To find out what else we will be up to aside from shopping please read this post- HERE

I have whipped and flogged the heck out of the event date here on the blog but just for old time sake....The 2015 SALON DAY OUT is on the 7TH OF JUNE AT ORIENTAL HOTEL....Don't miss it if you don't have to!!

I look forward to meeting you all as we celebrate 5 YEARS on this journey!!



  1. Wow, this is quite a roster!!! Looking forward to it!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Oh I wish I live in Lagos! See waytin I go miss :-(

  3. wow...shd be fun.. congrats! the lord is ur strength

  4. Hello Dabs,

    I must commend your dedication to your vision.

    You've created a lot of awareness regarding effective haircare and DIY ethic. Most importantly, you are passionately waving the flag for Entrepreneurship.

    God bless your hustle always.

    Warm regards.

    1. Awwww thank you sooo much!! I appreciate the support.

  5. Gurl!!!!! You make me proud every single time!!!! God bless you and looking forward to being there!!

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  8. Hi Dabs,
    I have been a silent reader for a while now and I live in Abuja, I have carefully followed most of your techniques and I am recording results, However, after looking at the pictures from the Salon day out and after looking through the list of vendors that came for the event, I realised that I missed a lot. I now humbly request that you bring the Salon day out to Abuja, I can assure you that you have a lot of readers here in Abuja and if you decide to take a poll you will realize that it's true. I can hardly get good hair care products here in Abuja and to see a lot of the products I want been displayed for sale in Lagos really makes me sad. Please, come to Abuja just for your Abuja readers....please.


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