How's everyone doing?!! Well I am good, been missing in action on the blogsphere for a while but I've decided to come back to my first love- this blog!! I have a series of interesting things lined up so stay tuned ladies!!!

Now down to business!! You remember at the start of the year when I announced the 6 inches of growth challenge and 32 ladies sent in their pics;

Check them out; HEREHERE AND HERE

So now that we have roughly 4 months to go, I'd like to know; HOW'S IT GOING?

1. Who has retained length?
2. Did you try any extreme measures like the inversion method?
3. Who has suffered a set back?
4. Did anyone get a major cut?
5. How many trims have you had all year long?
6. Is anyone having an inverted V?
7. Did anyone color their hair?
8.  What has been your go to protective style?

Now let me go ahead and answer the questions I asked;

1. Yes I have retained at least 3 inches since the challenge began, my ends are not great though but I am holding up...

2. Since the last time I blogged about it, I haven't tried the inversion method but I think I need to be on it, I however have been exercising and most of the exercise involves staying on a mat and flipping my head around as I venture to do Pilates and I feel that has helped with aiding blood flow in my scalp region and promoting growth.

3. I have not exactly suffered a set back but my back hair has refused to catch up with the rest of my hair which has been the case since I started my hair journey, I have also noticed my temples get thin once I stop using black castor oil for a few weeks so you best believe I've been using it diligently!!

4. Nope I have not gotten a major cut, been tempted anytime I see my back hair but after trying to even things out three times in the past three years, I now know its genetics and will just keep babying the back till it catches up.

5. I've trimmed my hair 6 times this year :) Let's call it dusting...when I look at my ends and see split ends, I go under bright light preferably my laptop light and seek and destroy with sharp hair shears...trimming should be less than 1/2 an inch of hair so you don't loose length except your hair needs a hair cut. There's never any need to hold on to split ends.

6. The inverted V is trying to rare its ugly head but im just doing the best I can to avoid it :(

7. This year, I've experimented with color more than ever since I started my hair journey but its had nothing to do with my own hair, I've used crotchet extensions and clip ins to achieve the desired looks (spy my instagram) and they have worked great...using hair color especially those lighter colors that lift the hair shaft rather than deposit on it(like Henna) are a no-no because they exposure your hair to undue dryness and breakage. So if you must indulge I recommend crotchet extensions, clip ins or wigs.

8. As for protective styling, what will my hair be without them...this year its been crotchet extensions done at the hub from the Senegalese twists to marley hair, if you follow me on instagram you'd already know how much I love them, I also have been bunning as usual, tucking those ends away so they don't rub on my clothes and dry out. Remember, with our hair its all about MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE then PROTEIN but MOISTURE is usually paramount!!

And with that, I'd like to know your answers, please comment below, let's compare notes as we race to the finish line!!

The winner will win $100 cash or $100 worth of products (their choice), the winner will also be featured in the Savvy & Chic hair/beauty magazine...there are also goody bags up for grabs Y'all so take these last 4 months seriously, give it your best shot and you just might be walking away with the star prize!!!

Happy growing!!



  1. 1. Retained 2 inches
    2. No extreme measures. Well I don't know if this counts but I tried hairfinity for 3 days and I got the migraine of my existence!
    3. Started suffering a set back yesterday. I'm in the UK and I washed my hair. Apparently the water here is very very very bad for your hair. My hair is breaking and shedding even when unprovoked. Bottled water next time. Also my ends thinned out and split so badly (yet to figure out why) earlier on in the year.
    4. No major cut
    5 Two proper trims. I search and destroy under sunlight randomly. Scissor happy.
    6. No inverted V. I have nape issues though.
    7. No colour
    8. I bun mostly however I doubt this does much protecting. I can't do any sort of extensions , much less wear a wig because I suffer from "can't get out of bed' type of migraines. I'm still searching for a solution to this protective styling problem.
    I wonder if I can get to 6 inches... we'll see...

  2. I've retained about 2 inches so far which is very exciting! I did leave my hair out in an afro throughout the winter *facepalm* so my ends became very dry. I then proceeded to 'trim' the ends in question and ended up chopping off up to an inch. To say I was in shock would be putting it mildly. :( I haven't done anything drastic since then...
    As for protective styles, life would be so much easier if my friends didn't go 'Ehn Moyo you're not following me out with that shuku/all back/four random plaits tucked in because your hair looks nothing like those in the youtube videos'. *sigh* I don't want to braid or get a weave installed because I fear I won't be able to give my hair ALL the love and attention it deserves. I've probably gone on for too long now so I shall call it a day and scheme of how to sabotage the hair of the other ladies. Mwah hahahaha! I kid I kid! Goodluck girls! May the best hair retention girl win!

  3. 1. I don't know how much length I've retained because I'm transitioning and I don't straighten so I can't see my length
    2. No extreme measures, I'm just trying to minimise the inevitable breakage
    3. I had a setback with the front half of my hair lagging behind the back, it wasn't major thank God! And it has bounced back.
    4. No cuts, I trimmed and I dust A LOT
    5. 2 trims
    6 and 7. No inverted V, no colour
    8. My go-to protective style is pinned up a variety of ways. I've also done faux dreads, kinky twists, ghana braids and crochet weave.
    Good luck to everyone!

  4. Hello,sis Dabs,i shld thank you for this challenge bcos you really gingered me. Well,i ve retained about 3inches,dusted about 3-4times,been doinig black tea rinses,it really helped with the shedding. Until i tried green tea and coffee rinse which i regret bcos it didnt work at all. Shed hair all over the place,i guess i shall stick to my black tea. Proctective styling-simply my weaves,yep,i oil my hair regularly under the weaves,plus no relaxers since i started the challenge.

  5. 1. I've retained some length, not sure how much though, maybe 2 inches...
    4. I've BIG CHOPPED! luvn' the twa.
    5. No trims since the BC in May
    8. Cornrows have been my go-to protective style, recently discovered ghana plaits, I need so much more practice tho:-)

    Wishing all the ladies the best n growth.


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