Hope all is well at your ends!! You know I have been on about the 6 inches of growth challenge, if you are just starting to read my blog I am sure you are wondering what I am on about, why 6 inches... well I've dug up a post I wrote in 2012 explaining everything...read it HERE.

For a quick summary of the post I'll say this, our hair grows 1/2 an inch every month on average, 1/2 inch times 12 months is 6 inches, so this challenge basically is testing your ability to retain length. If you want longer hair, you must be able to master what helps your hair stay long, be it protective styles, no heat, deep conditioning, sealing your ends- most times its a accumulation of things/steps/procedures...I have been asked time and time again- ''Dabs, why do you blog about so many products, just give me a step by step of products that will grow my hair''. And to that, I always say I am sorry I know what will grow MY hair, but you will have to go on this journey to find out what will work on YOUR hair, I blog about every product I can find that has a shot at working on our Naija hair so that we have options and are not stuck...there is absolutely nothing as bad as being stuck with your hair...you are stuck when your hair has been the same length since forever, 2014 is the year to wriggle out and take a step forward! If you are starting you most likely will not be able to retain all 6 inches ( last year I retained 4 inches) and that's fine but at least aim to retain 3 inches at the end of the year after all the trims and cuts.

Below are a number of ladies that want to take on this challenge, I was so excited to take in their entries!! Remember the star prize is $100 but for entering every single one of them will get a gift from the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub You can still enter if you want to take part in the challenge, entry closes on the 31st of January, simply send your starting picture to daboju@yahoo.com with the subject 6 INCHES CHALLENGE. (I'd prefer pic to be taken with a length check t-shirt)

Meet the Contenders;







Any of them could be walking away with $100 at the end of the year (God willing) and just so its even more fun, YOU WILL JOIN ME TO FIND A WINNER!!!  Details on how that will happen will follow as the year unfolds!

Again if you want to be one of the contenders email me a pic before the month runs out...next post up will be a product review, I will also update my Dab's talks Beauty and Interior Decor with Dabs pages ( you need to see the before and after pics of the flagship store for Savvy & Chic!!)  Home girl has been all over the place, exhausted but I am still standing!! Thanks for the support, God bless you all!



  1. Hope I win...my pics wasn't included.

  2. I'll send in my pictures soon.I'll try and keep up with the challenge.

  3. Wow Chioma and Mary-gold hair is inspiring.
    I wanna be part of this.

  4. Dabs,please kindly reply.I need ur num ASAP.my front hair is getting worse.

    1. Dabs suggested in one of her previous posts to use castor oil on the affected area(the scalp). You can try that. U can use cotton wool to apply it to make it easier for u. Hope this helps :)

  5. Nearly missed this challenge...sending my pictures!!

  6. Hiya, i too am going to do this challenge. but i'll do mine with a twist. i will not be trimming my hair for the year. actually, i have never trimmed my hair. (simply cos its my own hair o and i can do as i like). my hair is unrelaxed and currently between armpit and bra strap length. will send a picture soon as i can.

  7. Yes most definitely Naija hair can grow.

    But the real problem behind hair loss and hair damage is that the Hair Stylists need to learn how to take out extensions and sew-in weaves properly. And detangle their clients matted roots safely.

    It is so so sad how many happy women with healthy hair or transitioning hair wear protective hairstyles like a Sew-in Weave for 2 months and end up depressed after they take down the weave.

    Its NOT NORMAL. Saving their hair is why the Take Down Remover Cream was created.

    Hairdressers need to be honest with themselves about removing weaves safely. It does not matter if your client has had the weave in for 1 week or too long! And if you do not have the time to remove your clients weave, tell them what to do at home. Most ladies take their weaves out at home anyway.


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