How's everyone doing? I have gotten quite a few entries for the 6 Inches of growth 2014 Challenge but I WANT MORE!!! We can do this, enter your starting picture by sending me a mail with the subject 6 INCHES CHALLENGE and you can win $100 worth of the best brands of hair products.

This post is all about getting there, I want to get there and I know you want to get there so together we have to constantly be aware of all we need to do to retain that growth. Like I always say, your hair is constantly growing at the roots, constantly but the reason it seems like its been the same length all your life is you have been unable to stretch it beyond its bare minimal limit!! Its like sugar...have you ever watched them make candy?

Simple sugar goes from looking like this;
To becoming stretched and magnificent in its syrup form;

Who Knew Sugar had it in it to become so large, so intricate and beautiful but yet so fragile it can break and crumble down to the pieces it was formed from with any slight aggression like a strong tug or adverse condition like heat, the sugar will simply melt away!

Think about it, isn't our hair just like sugar. The longer and more stretched it gets, the more fragile it becomes, the harder to manage it becomes but the more beautiful it becomes when you get the hang of things and you start to see the reward as your ends start to pull away from your scalp!!

''So how is it going to happen for me this 2014, Dabs?'' I am sure that's what's on your mind... well I am here to simply reiterate these tried and tested tips. By the time you have read through this blog from when I started in 2011 till now, you will realize that the process to longer healthy hair is and has remained the same, if you look through other hair blogs again you will realize its the same process and it can be summed up into these few words; GET YOUR HAIR IN A ROUTINE!! What I and other hair bloggers call a hair regimen!

You will not have long hair in 2014 if your hair is not in a routine, just like toddlers, your hair begs to be routinized, it thrives when its routinized. It wants to know that every Saturday it will get pampered with fresh clean water, a nice mild shampoo or a conditioner that will keep it conditioned and soft. It wants to know that it will be tucked away for just two weeks and allowed to breath fresh air soon after, get some protein and be strong again!!

Your hair craves your attention...I always have to constantly remind myself that I am on a mission to long, healthy hair. Just yesterday I saw a friend in the cutest weave I have seen in a long time, she looked like a million bucks, I was sooo tempted to go get a pack and get my hair all weaved up but I had to put the breaks on because I know my hair can't take it and that's just me. It will be so much stress on it since I have not sewn on a weave in about 4 years, it will be so out of routine that I'm sure I will loose so much hair and regret it...but as I mentioned, that's me, since I want to try the hairstyle, I did my research and there are other ways for me to have the weave on without sewing it. I think it will be absolutely fine if you decide that in 2014 your routine will be putting in weaves every 6 weeks or on the 8th week of your relaxer stretch or just for 2 weeks. that's fine as long as you know to deep condition and do protein treatments if your hair likes those ( the only way to find out is to try it at least once) and as long as you are considering the impact your decision has on your hair.

Brings me to my next point. In 2014 be willing to experiment. It just comes with the territory and it doesn't have to be expensive. You need to be willing to try different techniques, products and hair recipes till you find what clicks, especially if you are just starting your hair journey. It takes at least a year before you start having staples...don't be committed especially if what you are committed to is not working.This is the one time you are allowed to be a girl about town! LOL Don't be committed to hair product brands, a hair stylist, even my blog- LOL!! Committed in this context means don't get stuck... your hair is dry and breaking, do your research on this blog, on other blogs, try out what we are saying, try different products, techniques and see which advice/product works the best....gone are the days when you use the same brand for all your hair if you find a brand that gives your hair all it needs then of course you are in luck, please stick to it ( but I strongly doubt that will happen).

For experienced hair journeyers ( people like me who have been purposefully taking care of their hair with the aim to make it grow longer and healthier for say at least 2 years), this year might be the year to stream line!! I must confess I get excited when a new product catches my attention- I start to imagine it will be the answer to all my hair needs but after the excitement comes the reality check, I literally have a conversation in my head; 'Dabs look at the ingredients, how is this product different from your other 6 bottles of hair moisturizers from different brands...' Then I drop it! Except I see that the ingredient list contains something my hair needs I don't pick up a new bottle of a hair staple I already have that works for me and I think if experience hair journeyers have such conversations there will be a lot less product junkies in the world-LOL.

Finally, in my earlier illustration of sugar and its ability to stretch, the one factor I left out was WATER. Sugar can only stretch in syrup form and to make syrup, you need to add water! In 2014, your hair is NOTHING without water! LOL ( I am the queen of dramatic expressions, pardon me) Your hair will need water internally ( drink more water daily- note to self) and externally. Naturals this point is particularly for you- you will need water to keep those knots at bay, have water handy in spritz form, through hair treatments and in your hair moisturizer which should be water based. My dear sisters, make water your friend this year and you are bound to retain length.

With these few points I have scratched the surface of our hair growth game plan for 2014, my next post will be breaking down the basic 2014 hair needs; tools, techniques etc. I do realize that there are more newbies than oldies and I am here for you!! Unfortunately, the Salon day out for January cannot happen because of the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub Launch. But hopefully I can make it up to everyone in February. Till then, I am going to make sure my hair does not turn grey because of all the work that has to be done before the Launch...Thanks for all the support ladies, please share your new year hair tips below, let's help each other!!!


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  1. Interesting post Dabs! I've seen similar sweets being made before and it's so crazy how much skill goes into it. I'm definitely going to be experimenting more this year too x

  2. Committed in this context means don't get stuck... your hair is dry and breaking, do your research on this blog, on other blogs, try out what we are saying, try different products, techniques and see which advice/product works the best. Hair extension is the best option for hair.

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  3. finally seeing results in my hair and m so happy. trust me it took a full year of a consistent regimen to finally see results. at some point i was so discouraged i almost shaved my hair off cos i felt it was too badly damaged to be alive again. but here i am today, all of a sudden with bouncy, darker, fuller and a head full of healthy growing hair. People be asking me if i have extensions innit. LOL. consistency pays off.

  4. I found your post very interesting about hair growth. I like your suggestion to drink more water during a day. I agree with you as it is useful for our health. Thanks for sharing the blog.

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  5. Hi dabs,
    I will continue to appreciate you for the good work you are doing, trust me when I say u ve bin a Source of inspiration. I just started my hair journey in december after reading so many posts frm dis blog. I deep conditioned for the second time since I started my hair journey today with palm oil,olive oil n hair mayonnaise,after washing off with black soap, I finished with a black tea rinse. My hair is 15wks post relaxer and it feels very soft after d treatment but I had to deal with lots of knots while combing( I detangled with my finger first). Glycerin n water doesn't seem to wrk for me for detangling. How else can I combat knotting please? Thanks. Pls reply.

  6. Seyi, I agree with your view on glycerine + water mix. I feel the mix is good for detangling hair that's being loosened but to use it to detangle the whole hair after washing? Not a good idea.

    There are detangling products in the market like Mane n Tail detangler, Just For Me detangler, Johnson's no more tangles(for babies) to mention a few.

    Dabs sells Mane n Tail Detangler; you can order from her savvy n chic beauty store.

    1. Dear Rubynna,
      Thank you so much. Ve read abt mane n tail detangler bt ve never tried it. Will give it a try. Thanks

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