I said I will be back and I'm back!!!
As you all should know since I have been yapping about it for months now, the JUNE 8TH SALON DAY OUT IS THIS SUNDAY!! And I am super pumped!!

Four years ago on the 8TH OF JUNE, after being asked about my hair by countless ladies, after getting the comment, 'abeg hair is in your genes' too many times, after seeing my hair recover from what I thought was its doom...I opened this blog with my first ever post- THE SCARY TRUTH- READ IT HERE!!

After two weeks of blogging I was almost giving up, was anyone even reading these posts, there were hardly any comments, I was obsessed with checking Stats- I'd see 10 views for the day compared to 5 views the previous day and be happy!! Gradually as I kept at it and approached blogging as keeping a hair diary, it became interesting and then I started to get great feed back, people were so nice and wanted to know more...

Its been four years and I am so grateful for every person that has supported this NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW mission, for all those who mail in and drop comments with such gratitude, I want to say a big thank you!!

And that's why this JUNE 8TH SALON DAY OUT is so important to me! If you are in Lagos and its environs and can make it on Sunday please do!!

Because its a celebration, the format of past salon day outs where it was about having everyone having a consultation on their hair and getting their hair done by stylists has changed.

Let me list  the changes;

1. There will be vendors, right now there are about 15 participants in total including Savvy and Chic. Though I listed five, the E flyer which is currently being made will have all the vendors names/logos.

2. All Vendors will have their products up for sale at excellent prices and most of them will present tutorials and tips centered on their brand- so don't be too shy if you get pulled from the crowd for a demonstration :)

3. The first 20 ladies to come in will have FREE delicious COCKTAILS thanks to ICEY DRINKS AND COCKTAILS. A celebration cake will also be cut (blame it on my mum, I like to celebrate everything with a cake)

4. I and my Savvy & Chic Team will be taking only 5 clients for full demonstration and they will be for the following;

  • One Client for testing of HAIR POROSITY- FREE
  • One Client to TEXLAX- N2500 without our relaxer, N3500 with our relaxer
  • One Client for a PROTEIN deep condition with the heutiful steamer- N3000
  • One Client for a MOISTURE deep condition with the heutiful steamer- N3000
  • One NATURAL client to test out the Beautiful Textures- Texture Manageability System that has been ALL THE RAGE in the Natural community - N4000

It allows naturals to switch to straight hair for 6 weeks or less and revert back to their curls as if they never had straight hair(more on this later on, I sent for it and I am praying it comes before the 8th).
* The natural has to have passed the TWA stage to qualify...

So those are all the appointments we will be taking that day, for all other appointments please feel free to book and come into our flagship store on Awolowo road and we will gladly assist. To be one of the 5 ladies, be the first to send me a  mail- daboju@yahoo.com and I will schedule you in. Again, we are taking only 5 clients that day so we can allow other vendors present their tutorials. The demonstrations will be very practical so you are bound to go home with ample knowledge for your hair journey....skin care tips, beauty and makeup tips.

Naturals, THIS IS NOT A RELAXED HAIR EVENT!!! Just in case you are in doubt, KINKY APOTHECARY, NATURAL NIGERIAN, NAZURI CURLS  and KEMI LEWIS of KLNaturals (blogger and natural hair salon owner) will all make presentations on Sunday. So we are all bound to learn A LOT!!

My next post is going to profile all the vendors coming and give you an insight of all they are about so you come expectant but till then, please please spread the word and prepare to come!!

The raffle draw prize still stands;

A lucky NHCG reader will go home with the Secura Steamer as promised!!! It will be given away at 5:30 pm sharp!!! All Presentations start at 1 pm and the 5 clients demonstrations  start at 2 pm sharp so clients and those that want to benefit from the demonstrations please come early.

Date; Sunday 8TH June
The Venue; The White Space- 58 Raymond Njoku, Off Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
Time; 12noon to 6:30pm

It's going to be a fun day, I can already feel it!!! Thanks in advance for your support people!! The JUNE IMPORT WINDOW is open by the way for those who want to take advantage of hair/beauty finds!!

Have a blessed Month ahead!



  1. Congratulations Dabs on your upcoming anniversary! I'm crying inside that I'll most likely not be in Lagos next sunday. Real tears. Your blog was one of the first I came across when it occured to me to search for naija hair blogs after stalking those in the obodos. Love what you do. Respect

  2. Been refreshing constantly since your last post. I can't wait to be there, it's definitely going to be a FUN day!

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  4. I don't live in Lagos but I'm actually going to be in Lagos this weekend. I'm going to try my utmost best to be there family commitments allowing!

  5. Sounds like fun dear, congratulations and I wish you the very best, xx

  6. Surely going to be there got my ticket already

  7. Hi Dabs, Can you please do a post on how to start all over again? Or direct me to the first steps and how to keep up with the routine? Thanks. Onyeka

  8. Really wish I would be able to make it. A pity I don't stay in Lagos

  9. Hi Dabs...your email address daboju@yahoo.com doesn't seem to be working. It keeps sending back my mail to you.

  10. 4years already? Lol! Still remember when I first read your blog I couldn't stop, thinking like, oh my gawd it's possible to have that kind of hair? My hair is happier than it was 4 years ago. Dabs I thank God for inspiring you to start all these great things! I Celebrate You. God bless you. For you, I will haul my tired self to this event, even if it's just to have cake :D.

  11. Dear Dabs, you sure have come a looong way. I like your passion, I love your drive. I apologise that I am out of town, I hope you got my text. I would have loved to be there. I only stumbled on your blog last year October and my hair has never been the same. Right now I have crotchet braids and I moisturise and pamper my hair under. Thank you for making it possible, my hair is longer and fuller. As we both look forward to another touch up in August, I say Go Gal!!!

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  13. Weldone Dabs, You are definitely an inspiration. Looking forward to Saloon Day Out and much more.


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