This post has been a long long time coming...blame it on the hub!! Been so busy caring for everyone's hair, had to forget about my texlax for a while!!

It went well, I used the beloved Silk Elements Mixed Silk relaxer, my hair actually retained its texture which was a great thing as texlaxing can be hit and miss sometimes but I am getting better at it;

Most of my ends are on line 11 which is just past my BSL- Bra Strap Level but as you can see my ends are a mess( usually happens as your hair grows longer)

Rather than Chop them all off to say line 9 as I would have done in the past because I loathe straggly ends, I decided I''ll exercise restraint and patience and just take half an inch off- its all my hacking off that has made it look like I've been the same length for years, this year I vowed not to hack and just trim as I go along (so help me God)

My next texlax which I'm hoping is my last for the year (if I can pull it off, I'd like to texlax just three times a year), should be on the first week of November... I hope to be past line 11 by then and well on my way to MBL (Mid Back Length) which I intend to nurture till its full and healthy from root to tips and then I maintain it.

Here's a video on Youtube of me talking about my texlax-

I am going to be putting more hair/beauty videos up so please subscribe to the channel :)- SEE MORE VIDEOS UNDER THE- MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS TAB

If you are not texlaxing and you want fuller, healthy looking hair-Texlaxing is the answer, I promise you!! I have been making quite a few NHCG readers believers and just yesterday, I took a shot of a client's hair after texlaxing

you can imagine how full her hair will be when the thin relaxed ends grow out!!

and she finally accepted that her decision to texlax her hair ( thanks to me) is the answer to full, healthy looking hair she has always craved...if you get a relaxer and your hair sticks to your head like a skull cap- you have relaxed bone straight and left your hair limp and susceptible to major damage-start texlaxing, its the best of both worlds!!- *cough cough* (Ad Over, LOL)

Now unto other issues, We- Savvy & Chic Hair  Beauty Hub are launching our own luxury silk/satin caps and pillowcases on the June 8th Salon day out!!!

Here's a sneak peak of promo photos of the caps here;

 And the pillow case;

PHOTOGRAPHY- Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography.

Me rocking my cap; ditched the black boring one :)

The price of the cap is just N1000 and the pillowcases are N2000, N3000 for a pair.
The idea behind the caps was birth from a NHCG reader!!! (How can I do this hair thing without you guys!!)- Basically she told me how she would like to sleep with a satin cap but anytime she wore the one she bought from me- the usual black one-

Her husband just wasn't having it and as a newly wed, she had to stay hot and cute from head to toe at night time( baby making tinz-LOL) so my mind immediately went to sleep caps made from fun cute and sultry silk/satin and that led to the production of these caps!!

Please come out on the 8th and show support, I plan to have these caps be the sleep caps of choice for every head of hair in Nigeria then Africa and beyond!! *wide grin*

Expect a full detailed post on the salon day out, its NEXT WEEKEND!!!!- EXCITED!!!!



  1. #TeamTexlaxed Yayyyyy!

    1. Hey Koyin. Why don't you open your own blog. I'm really inspired by your progress and would like to see it on a blog of your own.

  2. i would really like the silk/satin cap and pillow cases.i am new to your blog and i must say i'm very much addicted already.however,i live in port harcourt and i was wondering hw i can get them.

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks for being addicted :) From Monday June 9th they will be on the website www.hairbeautyhub.com and you can order your choice directly from there, delivery can be made to all 36 States of the country.

  3. I need a satin cap, sometimes my satin pillowcase alone just doesn't cut it. Your hair is looking great Dabs, I do love the thickness which comes with texlaxing x

  4. Help me dabs, I'm not retaining length :(... I'm am a natural though

  5. Hello Dabs, you are an inspiration. Thanks a lot. Please, I have kept my hair for 6 months, although I don't want to go natural. I discovered patches of baldness n I have decided to stay off weaves n braids to treat my hair for the next 2 months. My hair is on collar level, how can I get it to grow faster? Please advise.

  6. Way to go Dabs. You will be mid back length soon. Two thumbs up!!!!

    1. ...and of course I bought sweet, flowery designs. That go with my nightwears,


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