The Scary Truth

We all know that familiar face, its Naomi Campbell!! When the pics showing her bald spot were released on the web sometime ago, blogs everywhere were blogging about it, people from all works of life reacting to them but to we from Naija this wasn’t news or something we have never seen before, a simple trip to a salon nearby and there’d be at least one person with a shinny bald temple and a hairstylist tugging and pulling the little hair left with a thread and needle, weave in hand!!

This blog has come to the rescue; the scary truth is that most Naija babes have given up, thrown in the towel and surrendered completely with regards their natural hair which is meant to be a crown of glory, they now solely depend on fake hair like a crack addict on crack! Naija Hair Can Grow( NHCG) will fix that!

As often as possible, readers will be given TIPS and TRICKS on growing healthy luscious hair. If you are bored and want to spice up your hair we will have monthly WHAT’S HOT and NOT segments to keep you in the know. We will have a SALON PROFILE segment that will warn you about salons in Lagos that will destroy your hair and applaud salons making an effort. For encouragement, we will take you on HAIR JOURNEYS; so you see that you too can begin from scratch with your hair! Of course there will be AN ASK THE EXPERT segment for you to lay your concerns and seek advice whenever you like, there will also be a HAIR SHOP with various products to keep you in the know and each month we will have a HAIR STYLE ICON which will feature a celebrity.

This and many more is what you can expect from NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW!! As BELLANAIJA is to Naija Lifestyle, NHCG will be to Naija Hair!!!

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  1. Thank you for coming to my rescue, I'm one of those Naija babes that have given up, thrown in the towel and surrendered completely to fake hair like a crack addict on crack! Thanks Daboju! Thanks to Naija Hair Can Grow(NHCG) for coming to my aid!!


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