This is a picture of me at the age of four, my Mum says I was born with so much hair she had to use a relaxer on my hair at the tender of age of two for fear that my hair will turn into dreads if she did not. Of course by the time I was going to secondary school a lot of this hair you see in the picture had fallen out and my High School made things easier on me by asking that we shaved all our hair off until Senior School.

Fast forward six years and I went to Uni with considerable amount of hair, long hair according to naija standards because at least I could pack up my hair in a healthy ponytail and when it was down it could graze my collar bone!lol! so yeah it was long I guess!! All the while I was in Uni I thought I was doing the best for my hair and so many of my friends and acquaintances thought the same too, Id get asked questions about what relaxer I use, what makes my hair so long etcetera
The Picture above is from my final year International Student Association Dinner at Uni and that's my hair! I had discovered the world of hair color! Dark and lovely Honey Blonde was my go to color and my did I feel all sassy and fierce like Beyonce! At the slightest sight of my dark roots Id rush to buy a pack of the hair color and get to business, still my hair was in good shape and as you can see in the picture below(Taken at home during my Chamber Attachment), it remained that way even until the time I went to Law School and had to dye my hair back to a darker color or risk being embarrassed by Madame Kate(for all the Law School, Bwari peps out there!!lol)

The turning point for me was January of 2009, I was done with Law School and as old habits die hard, I rushed out one day and got a pack of my usual hair color and colored my hair BUT this time things were different!! I had just relaxed my hair days ago and so this additional chemical process left my hair all limp and lifeless so like in the past where a hair trim was my go to cure for limp ends, I reached out for a pair of scissors but not any scissors, this time because I just did not care I took the first pair I could lay my hands on and they were my mum's old manicure scissors!! Thinking back now maybe I was high!!lol! so snip snip and I had gone from  


At first I enjoyed it, My hair was interesting to say the least and for a short while it looked healthy and full as you can see below

but soon my ends began to fray and I was back to the lifeless sad hair I was trying to avoid! Just take a look at my ponytail in April 2009

Sad Innit!!I had lost all my hair and everyday Id comb my hair and be clueless as to what to do with it but that same year, help was on the way!! I left to Texas for my Masters and of course it did not help that I was surrounded by all the Caucasians and their long lustrous hair. I spurred into action and I plunged myself deep into the online world of hair! learning and soaking in all the tips and tricks, taking steps back to healthy relaxed hair and before I could say 'Jack Robinson', the difference began to show, my hair was recovering!! below are pictures of my hair when I started my hair recovery late 2009 into early 2010;
With all the knowledge I gathered from the web and all the products I began to use especially natural products, I came up with a hair care regimen which I cannot wait to share with you all and just like I wake in the morning, brush my teeth and have a shower, I have been able to incorporate this regimen into my daily routine and the benefits have been boundless! I now know my hair can grow healthy and strong and I have pictures to prove it.

This picture was taken the summer of 2010. So in about six months my hair that could barely touch my neck was sitting comfortably on it! by December 2010 my hair had bounced back to life! It was full, healthy and strong again! See the major improvement in the Picture below.

These days there's no looking back for me; I love my hair! every single strand of it!!Cheesie I know!I'm always experimenting with different styles this time!!Hands farrrr away from the hair color even though I have learnt how to safely color hair and will share that with interested readers. 

Below are few pics of my hair in 2011

On the 5th of June I got my hair relaxed and this was the result;

As you can see those ends were starting to thin out again so adventurously, I gave myself another hair cut and this is what I'm working with now;
But unlike in the past, I am not fretting and I am actually excited to go on this journey but I want to go on it with YOU!! I'm not some lady with waist length hair coming to tell you I have a magical cream you have to buy from me to make your hair grow, I am not mixed raced and have no ounce of white in me(well not to my knowledge! lol). I am just an ordinary Nigerian girl determined to prove that ordinary Nigerian girls can grow their own hair using simple everyday tips, tricks, products that we have in our ordinary Nigerian markets!!U too can love your hair and treat it right and trust me it will show!!

Hang in here with me and I hope ill be able to inspire somebody out there in just the same way I was inspired to take care of my Crown of Glory, my Gift from God, My Hair!!

stop by soon, 


  1. WOW well Dabs, nice write-up with enough pics as evidence to prove your point, i'm encouraged to seriously start caring for my hair. Loads of love, Chakor.

  2. Thx Chakor! I trust u'll be stopping by often for tips to help you care for your hair

  3. OMG!!! Like u I love my hair, but mine never gets past my neck. My older sister, hmmm, her hair gets past her shoulder blades, and its so thick. Her daughters, (my nieces) all have good hair. In all truth, my late gran on my mum's side, was know for her full long natural hair. Even up to death at the of 92 she still had full long natural hair. My dad's side, they have good hair also. My mum on the other, is all doing all sorts to her hair. I'm so particular about who makes my hair, what relaxer I use. I am going to stick w/ your hair regime like glue till I see results on my hair.

  4. Dew of Keziah, thx for commenting, with patience and consistency I am sure you will see results!!

  5. i'm just started my healthy hair journey 2months ago. Like you i decided to search for information on how i could grow healthy hair, this morning i decided to search for a Nigerian on a healthy hair journey and i'm glad i found you. I hope you're still an active blogger?

  6. yup I am still very active, in the process of putting up a new post ;)

  7. Oju u've inspired me to start my own hair jorney.. I so love your healthy hair, I knt wait for mine to recover cus right now my hair is in CL and its ends are so thin and lifeless...**sad face** Guess I might have a trim first before I start the jorney, wat do you think?

    1. Yay for starting the journey! It will be so rewarding! Trust me!! Yes have a good trim with the right hair cutting scissors! Make sure they are sharp! Good luck!! :)

  8. Hmmm...I really love natural hair that's why every weave i fix always has to look natural with similar colours to my natural hair. I've always admired girls with long natural hair and wondered why they fix weaves. I know if my hair can manage to grow long enough to touch the neck of my tops, i would definately fix weaves less. Someone asked me the length of my hair few weeks ago...and I DIDN'T KNOW gosh!!! it just dawned on me that i've been taking off my weave, relaxing my hair and fixing another weave all on the same day since the begining of this year cos i felt i was too busy(or lazy) to make more than one trip to the salon in a month and definately too "salon-spoilt" to even touch my hair myself, so i had not seen my natural hair in 9months. I decided then to start taking proper care of my natural hair. I took out my weave at home with the help of my sister, it was amazing how much of my natural hair fell out. I never noticed this at the salon cos i'm consantly on the phone when i do my hair and i probably look at the mirror twice thru out the whole process...once to confirm that my usual side-parting is properly positioned and once to see if the hair is full enough then back to my phone. I really let my hair down and i dont even know where to start from...I've bought so many hair products that i'm now confused on what to do.... SO stumbling on this blog is just what i need... perfect timing too.

  9. Wish i had found you in January, I had a short bob and decided to grow my hair fr a year for a change. so my back and sides have grown from nothing to about neck length. was going to cut it back to a bob in April but Im getting a bit fascinated with hair growth so might give it another 6 months try out your regimens and see how much it grows when i put a little effort before I chop it off. great tips you have

  10. I have been on so many sites learning about hair I have never once left a comment but I just wanted to say thank over and over again. After years of bad hair practices i want to have hair healthy hair I didn't have to hide year long underneath wigs. I went natural thinking it was the savior my hair needed n failed I am relaxed now and have started my hhj and just wanted to say thank you.

    1. Awwww thanks for your comment. Good luck with your hair journey, this blog has the resources you need to make it a success :)


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