5 signs your hair is DONE- With a Stretch!!

Its been a while, hope all is well at your ends! I just finished relaxing my hair after a 12 weeks stretch (update coming up)-

Let me just say- My hair was done with me! Just one more week added to the stretch and I would have been dealing with a set back.

The decision to get a relaxer today inspired this post especially after I recalled what happened to one of the reader's of this blog; Folake at the last salon day out. After Folake had stretched for 8 entire months hoping she would retain tonnes of growth, the reverse was the case, the stretch had taken a major toll on her relaxed ends and she suffered a major set back and had to cut about five inches of hair off!!!

So here are the 5 signs my hair gives me when it has reached its maximum stretching potential;

1. My new growth begins to matt together and form dread locks!!

Lol yes oh, it literally gums together at the roots and at that point the only thing that can save my strands will be patience, the tail end of a comb and my beloved main and tail detangler or water/glycerin mix! When I find more of these baby dread locks forming in regular intervals, I know my hair is reaching its 'breaking'point!

2. Excessive Breakage usually at the line of demarcation( where the new growth and relaxed hair meet). Once there is uncalled for breakage e.g you pass your fingers through your hair and there's hair all over your fingers, your hair might just be telling you something especially if you have been moisturizing and sealing regularly.

3. Your roots and scalp have become unreachable! You simply cant get enough hair products on them, they just keep absorbing the products and going back to square one and if you want to really pile on the products, your relaxed hair is left weighed down- That's where I was all week long- my new growth was simply telling me this stretch should be over already!!

4. Your ends start to look scraggly and limp while the root till mid-shaft of your hair is full and puffy. You cannot afford to ignore your hair when that's happening because its another sign that your hair is simply breaking off  at it week points by the day.
What will happen is that you will be left with very uneven ends after you finally relax the hair and most likely have to cut them all off to regain the fullness again!

5. Your edges and nape hair are in shambles!!


This should have been number 1! This happens when your edges start to take a step back and your nape hair starts to form knots that you end up simply pulling off- that was me before I started my hair journey, I still fight the urge to roll my nape hair up into knots and pull them out and I find that when my hair is really due for a relaxer, it gets even tougher to avoid knots in that area. If its becoming impossible to smooth down your edges, don't use all your power on the poor hair brush to force your edges into submission, you will loose them all! Simply realize that it just might be time to get a relaxer!

Now if you are transitioning to natural hair and you don't want to big chop, you can use these signs as an indication that maybe its time to take the plunge and just cut the relaxed ends off because there is no point ushering unhealthy natural hair into your life. The ultimate goal should be having healthy and strong beautiful hair and it definitely can be achieved ladies if you look out for these five signs- Just let you hair speak to you!

Hope Lagos NHCG readers can make it to the Salon Day out tomorrow!

 I almost cancelled it as I have been ill all week long but I know a few ladies are banking on me to relax their hair and for that reason I am making this salon day out happen, please feel free to come with all your hair questions and I will do my best to answer them. If you want to purchase products/ indulge in hair treats, I have been informed that the POS at the Salon is out of order so please bring cash. Thanks so much for support!!



  1. All of these are sooo true! I'd also add "When you don't and don't think you won't have the patience to truly nurture both of your textures.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

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  3. Hello, have you ever tried using Amla oil for your hair? I just got a bottle after reading about it online. I want to know what you think abt it.

  4. Hello Dabs,

    I have been inspired by your blog to start taking care of my hair. I know it has potential if only I can be patient with it! Please can you give me something like a starter list of products I can get to help me start this journey.
    I would also appreciate an email address so I can ask further questions. I don't live in Lagos.
    Thanks and I hope it's not too much to ask!

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  8. My hair is soooo bad I really need your help,my hair has bin breaking..I trimed it and it is still bad.pls I nid ur help am frustrated..my hair is soo bad I can't leave it out

  9. Great post,

    But the main reason for a lot of this hair loss is due to hair being damaged when women take out their braids and weaves. Or if your roots are matted or tangled you don't use the Take Down Remover cream to detangle-so the hair breaks.

    And sadly enough most people do not have the patience to safely comb through their hair.


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