It feels like its been ages since I've last blogged all thanks to being in Port-Harcourt for a family function, if you follow me on instagram I posted a few pics from the function but I am here to share pictures from the December salon day out on the 7th of December. Once again thanks Ladies for coming out to hang with me, it was a rainy day but ladies still showed up, Mrs. Sowemimo brought along that delicious gateau as a thank you, I tell you- You ladies are the BEST!! Thanks so much for all the support!!

Below are the pictures;

First I decided to recreate a look I saw Janelle Monae wear on Instagram;

My Version :)

As I promised, Hair Trigger was on hand;

Eggs showed up too : )

Bola came with Sean :))))))

Sean Photo bombing my picture :)

At NHCG Salon Day Outs we TRANSFORM hair  *wink* :)
Mrs. Sowemimo's sister came in with her mind set on just deep conditioning and cutting of her relaxed ends down the line, I convinced her to let me relax it and put her on a NHCG Hair Regimen- Her hair went from...

To cover the thinning spots, she purchased the SUPERMILLION HAIR;

And the thin spots were easily covered in a natural looking way;

She left us a very happy NHCG Reader( Lady in the White Shirt)!!

Mrs Sowemimo a month later-Great improvement;

Tayo came for a trim :)

Look at her hair stretched

Anabel's hair was stunning!! Guess if she is relaxed or natural?

She is..........................................................Relaxed!! Relaxed hair can do these things too you know :) ( She used straws to create tight straw curls and said it lasts up a month!!! Will try it out)

Now that's how to Texlax hair!!!

Some Shopping...

And with that, the last salon day out for the year was over!!! Thanks so much for ALL the support you my dear readers have given this blog this year, I would have loved to do an end of year give away but I have been soooo messed up by customs this month that I am yet to receive my products I ordered since November! Its now a prayer point for me!! So when the products finally arrive, I will definitely think of some type of giveaway for the New Year!

I love you all and wish you all the best in the new year, its the holiday season so I am working on a Holiday look book, its been a while since I did a look book, so please stay tuned for that.



  1. Lovely pictures Dabs. Absolutely love that hairstyle of yours x

  2. Dear Annabel, please please please please please teach me how to make these curls. PLEASE. Thank you!

  3. A colleague of mine rocked the 'Straw curls' a few weeks ago. Said she got them done at a salon in Lekki. I honestly thought she had done a 'big chop' when I saw her. Cos her hair is really long, I'm talking APL, and she looked like she had a natural afro. That thing is unreal!

  4. OMG!! Dabs, you totally have to try the straw curl thing, and post a tutorial. It's GORGEOUS!

  5. Ok so I don't know if this is the appropriate forum for this question of mine, but here goes...

    I am truly fed up with my hair, the whole moisturizing, sealing, combing and packing the hair everyday. I am just tired of it. The hair has actually grown ALOT since I started taking care of it, it has moved from my neck to about armpit length. However I am tired of seeing it!

    So I have decided (halfway) to lock my hair for the whole of next year. Yup! Dread locks!

    I guess I just want to ask if you think it makes sense and what the likely implications are. I know while it is locked it will be easier to handle, I'd just spritz it and pack it daily, probably wash it every other week.
    I contemplated million braids, but those babies will put my napes out without a second thought!

    So yeah, my apostle is over... I hope I get a response.

    1. If you ask me, i'd say you shouldn't....u'd eventually get tired of it as well n by den d only option you will have is to cut. Unlike now, u have a lot of options...protective styles like weaves, braids, twists even the temporary locs....just try anyone. Btw, i'd do anything just to have dat much growth.

  6. Hello Dabs......compliments of the season.
    I seriously need HELP with my hair. I have tried all ideas from deep conditioning, moisturising, protein treatment which made my hair shed seriously, castor oil, avoiding hairstyles dat put pressure on the hairline and have resorted to wearing wigs all in a bid to get my hairline back to normal (which is worse dan mrs sowemimo, s sister's).
    Contemplating a BC in Jan. Pls advice.

    Also where can I get JBCO & Supermillion hair as most hair shops in palms & ikeja mall do not have them.

  7. PS: I haven't relaxed my hair in 3 months and thinking of transtitioning

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  10. Dabs please,I need to very goodtake care of my hair.most especially the front line.pls can I av ur num?I really want to give my hair a treat.pls do reply.thanks.

  11. So, you ended the year with a new hairstyle? Nice fix! How many times do you spend doing salon day in a year? I suggest you trim your hair every month to avoid split ends, and give it a treatment to keep it soft and easy to manage. Kim @

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