The Grande Finale is next Saturday- Dec. NHCG Salon Day Out!!

How's everyone doing? I am making this salon day out announcement with major frustration mingled in it because thanks to customs, I am still waiting on my beloved hair products and I really wanted to go big for this last Salon Day out of the year holding at our same venue on the 7th of December;

I am so bummed because I know most ladies come for the hair products but it just might be a blessing in disguise for them, because they can now consider trying my hair concoctions...eggs anyone?  :)

There will be products but they will be limited in quantity so first come first serve...the usual natural hair remedies will be there; henna, eggs, honey, palm oil, bananas, coconut milk...

The oils will come out to play as well; coconut, castor, sweet almond, olive, grape seed, tea tree...

and finally guess who begged me to show up???? HAIR TRIGGER!!!!

YUP, I will be bringing a limited amount of Hair Trigger Explosive Growth Elixir with cayenne pepper; read review HERE

I know how much it has saved my hair from over shedding and I'd love as many of you as can to try it.  Hope to see you ladies on Saturday, I will post the hair menu during the week...

 Till then the rest of this post is about how I transformed an old rageddy wig to clip-in extensions. I  posted a picture of the them in my hair on Instagram. Its been a while since I did a tutorial... so enjoy!

First step is take out the wig, dust it if you have to (LOL) and brush it to take out tangles!!

 I spritz some carrot oil on the hair ...
 Brushed it...

Take out wig strings...

 Cut the wig net from one end to the other end to create a single weft;

Sew clips on the ends of each weft...
And VIOLA you have clip in extensions...


Day 2 install;

 You Like? Dust off your old wig and put it to use will ya!!

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  2. hair is the most important part we should take care of it.

  3. thanks for always dabs. I pray i'm able to do the clip ins myself very soon. I appreciate what you are doing, please don't stop

    1. Awww thanks Seyi, it's comments like this that keep me blogging even when I am so overwhelmed by all that I have to do.

  4. This is really good but where did you get the clips from.?

  5. I love the way u explain the wig installation, makes it so easy to do! Dabs do u know where i can get the Silk Elements Relaxer in Lagos or will u be selling it at The Salon day out

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