It been a while, blogging has had to take a back seat while I get acquainted with my new hair beauty website. I have also been working on a Hair/Beauty glossy magazine that will compliment the website and cater to people who prefer reading print than being online, we had the photo shoot last week, here's a little sneak peek for you my dear readers;

That's Leslie Okoye our cover lady, you will learn more about her and what she does when the magazine is out, as well as an article from another Lesley but of  fresh Lengths blog, she was kind enough to contribute something on makeup, there's an articles on TWA's( Teeny Weeny Afros), Essentials to long, healthy hair, an interview with a natural talking about her big chop, an article on cleansing teas, Au naturelle beauty remedies; who knew Avocados had so many uses, there's an article on DIY Spa treats, there are articles on nail care and trends, a product review page, there's an entire A-W glossary of hair terminologies and their meanings, then I grabbed the male model at our shoot to ask him about Male grooming ( a lil somethin somethin for the guys), there are tonnes of makeup looks inspired by the MAC trends presentation I attended last week  and lots see its going to be a Quarterly Magazine so I want it to be a very good read, so readers can refer to it over and over again till the next edition comes out.

Its been a lot of hard work and as we approach the last hurdle, its getting even more stressful but I take it in good stride knowing by God's grace everything will work out in the end. The official launch of the website and magazine is scheduled for January God willing, so its crunch time and I have been running around like crazy lately making sure I get the word out as much as I can, you all have the chance to attend the launch as long as you help me spread the word and please join the Facebook page; HERE , Twitter HERE and Instagram @savvychichairbeautyhub. 10 lucky readers will be randomly selected and sent invites to attend the launch based on this criteria. The launch promises to be 'grand and fun', the goody bags I am putting together will be rich!!! :) So don't miss out if you are interested!!

Now to the topic at hand;  
January 1st of this year kicked off the 6inches of Growth Challenge; HERE and through most of the year save for these last few months I had a series of posts aimed as ensuring the goal to retain 6 inches of growth was attainable but before then, I stated the rules/guidelines in this post;here and they basically boil down to this; to Enter for the chance to win this cheque; Naira Equivalent of $100- N16,500;

You need to send in your starting picture(date) and end picture IN A LENGTH CHECK T-Shirt between this week through the 7th of Dec. The lady closest to 6 inches of growth with healthy looking hair will win this cheque, depending on how close results are, there might be compensation there you have it......let the best lady win!!send in pics to Thanks for stopping by!



  1. You are doing very well dear, congratulations!

  2. Hello Dabs, Still awaiting your response to my email pls. Via melvinnainc@gmail. thanks

  3. good job my sister.
    more grease to you

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  5. Can i still apply? Is it too late already?


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