How is everyone doing?!! Hope all is well at your for me, I and my hair are doing good :)
My last post seemed to have cause a stir here!! Whew!! Well just to clarify a few things then put that post to rest, I honestly was not upset at the event, I was more worried because I put myself in the shoes of a hair journey newbie on the crossroads and with the information on offer at the event as a relaxed lady, I'd have been probably confused about staying relaxed and achieving my goal of healthy and long hair... I never stated that relaxed hair was bashed I must clarify save for that relaxers cause cancer statement but it was ignored, from the time the talk ended officially, prizes were won for questions asked, even during a hair demonstration where only naturals were picked out and shown how to care for their type of hair;
up till the cocktail hour till I picked the goody bag and left at 4pm, relaxed hair was not addressed however my post was not in anyway targeted at disregarding the organizers at all but rather bringing my view point of hair care to the general hair community because it's probably what goes on at 'natural meet ups' worldwide and I am glad that Nibi of Kinky Apothecary came on here to clarify a few things and has noted that there will be more of a balance in future and I must applaud her for putting the event together as it was very well organized.
I also thank all you ladies that saw where I was coming from and dropped comments in support of my 'Hair care is Hair care' notion, for those that disagreed respectfully and disrespectfully, we are all entitled to opinions and you are free to have one, my stance remains the same but thanks for commenting anyway.

Now to the business of the day; I have been invited to speak at The Lady Fusion Lifestyle event.

The organizers have health specialists, fashion consultants, make up gurus, interior decorators, finance experts and my humble self coming to speak to today's modern woman.
Come on out and take advantage of this opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge on the 2nd of November to The Orchard 5a Samuel Adedoyin st. off Ajose Adeogun (behind Zenith Bank HQ)  VI, Lagos from 12noon to 4pm, tickets go for N10,000. To Attend please contact Aijay-08091307777
Because of this speaking engagement and other factors, the NOV. NHCG SALON DAY OUT which promises to be bigger and better has been moved to the 9th of November, I have tagged it THE OIL EDITION...

More on that in my next post but please free to spread the word :) My next post which will be a DAIMOND IN THE ROUGH  post will be a review of this product I got at the Kinky Apothecary event called Neriah Naturals silky aloe leave in cream-
As all diamond in the rough posts go, it's made in Nigeria and.....I LOVE IT, will go into details in that post.
Till then, thanks once again to ALL NHCG readers, the hair journey newbies, the open minded naturals, the relaxed and loving it readers, the cross road transitioners who come here to try some of the tips I proffer...I am no expert but one thing I am beyond sure of is this- NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW :) (Cheesy ending I know!LOL)


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