Diamond in a rough series; Made in Naija Hair Product reviews; NAMASTE ORGANICS

So I started a series here last month on hair products I have found that are made in Naija, not packaged here, not imported here but MADE here by our very own. The aim really is to review products to find out if they are diamonds in the rough or just amongst the sea of products that should be trashed with petroleum oil, paraffin and all the bad chemical orshirishi.

The name of the brand up for review is called Namaste Organics!

 The particular product I bought because of the yummy lemony smell was their Lavender and Lemongrass Whipped Shea body butter!!

I'm sure you are thinking, 'Dabs ah ah but it's a body butter!!'. Yes it is but the interesting thing about organic products are their multi facetedness. All the ingredients in this product are oils and Shea butter which can be used on the body as well as the hair!! The Manufacturer just doesn't know it yet!

Infact all the products with organic Shea butter we're all stocked on the body cream aisle because as usual hair is not really our thing in these parts, most people don't care what they use on their hair, let the sub par salons deal with that but EVERYBODY cares what they rub on their skin!!( I'm voicing their thought process) so most of the products including the product up for review had words like 'toning' or 'brightening' on them to catch the attention of majority consumers of toners and brighteners... Anyways I looked at the ingredients, opened up the tub and this product is whipped to perfection!

Ingredients; Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lemon grass oil and lavender oil- It smells DIVINE!!

At N2000 the price is pretty high compared  to other shea butter based products on display;
but I totally understand why. The packaging for one stands out, When I picked it up, I also picked a similar product made in the UK and was quite certain this product was made there as well so you can imagine my shock when I read the label and it said proudly made in Nigeria, infact the address was right here in Lekki phase 1!! Pleasant surprise!! See Nemaste Organics beside the made in UK product which cost N3000(really nice whipped shea butter too but I prefer Nemaste Organics for the stronger lemon smell, the texture and of course the price).
In Sum, Nemaste Organics is a massive black daimond in the rough, I will be trying their other products which have interesting oils like mandarin, I think I saw some peppermint, Aloe vera just general good organic stuff!!
In other news, I'M IN LOVE AGAIN!!!! with my hair!! Got a relaxer during the week, could not wait for the weekend, once 8 weeks clocked!! will be telling you all about how it went on my next post and will measure my growth on the length T-shirt, i Should have 1 inch of growth...fingers crossed/
Till my next post.


  1. U didnt tell us where we can get it.

  2. You've given me a great adventure to embark on. I'll try and find locally made product in Gh and see how it works. Thanks a lot.

  3. The manufacturer does know it can be used for hair - she promotes it as such. I use it to deep condition my hair and as a lotion as well. Her black soap is fantastic.. you should try it. Her products can be found in Quintessence in Ikoyi, Ebeano and Gravitas in Lekki 1.

    1. That's cool, wish she wrote it on her label as well...

  4. Lol@ anonymous! Are u d manufacturer?? Namaste's packaging is swell and I'm sure d products are great too ( I bought d black soap but haven't used it yet)

  5. hey dabs, lol....i love d idea coz finding different moisturisers wher i am is a problem...but tel me...r there any particular ingredients in these body butters that we should not evn try n put in our hair? i jus bought a body butter that contains sodium lauroyl glutamate...i cant seem to find any information on whether i can use this on my hair as a moisturiser, but iv seen it in shampoos. the product is sativa soft body butter hemp and moroccan fig it has no parabens, petrolatum or mineral oil and claims to have only organic and ecocert ingredients
    pliz help :(


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