So now that I am strong again I have decided to look for some trouble!! A few weeks back I saw this Nature's Gentle touch ad campaign plasterred all over the web.

BEAUTIFUL Pictures of these ladies without a doubt but there is a BUT!! The but arose from the statement made by the Company reps; “Natures Gentle Touch is a leading hair care brand that provides solutions to different hair and scalp problems like dandruff, hair breakage, slow hair growth, hair loss, weak and damaged hair. The brand develops solutions that are specifically designed for Africans living in Africa.”
There was absolutely no mention of the fact that these beautiful ladies had WEAVES on!! Mr Company rep how about a statment like this; 'Natures Gentle touch is a leading hair care brand that provides solutions to different hair and scalp problems ....... allowing your hair to stay healthy and strong whether you choose to wear weaves, stay natural or otherwise...'
Me thinks that would have been a more truthful reflection of the ladies hair in this Ad.
This Ad campaign reminded me of one of their reps I bumped into at Park n Shop sometime ago. I picked up one of their moisturizers and first product on the list is Petroleum Jelly of course I put it down immediately, look up and the guy was standing beside me and asked why I dropped their product back on the shelf I said 'sorry its not what I was looking for'. He asks why and I show him the petroleum jelly on the list...then he says thats a very good ingredient then he takes a look at my hair and says, ' Your hair is very damaged'.
Mind you this was at the height of my hair flourish in 2012, my hair had just gotten a trim, I was BSL, I had it moisturized and sealed in a sleek pony tail, ends full! So I look at this man and ask him, 'Please how is my hair unhealthy?' and then he does what every well rehearsed sales person does- He starts with my edges- and says If you use Natures Gentle's (cant remember the product he picked up) your edges will be healthier than this, if you use our (picks another product) your hair will have so much shine and lustre. (Picks their shampoo) and says washing your hair with this shampoo will ensure that your hair stays clean and fresh.....then I ask 'so how often should I wash my hair with the shampoo' (na there I catch am!!) LOL
He took a long pause, looked at my hair like he was calculating how many strands I had on my head and said, 'you know right now your hair is very greasy and oily which is not good so I think you should....'before he could finish I said 'thats because I moisturize and seal it daily' and he says...moisturize and what?!!! LOL!! That was the end of my conversation with the guy, I did not want to confuse him further.
Whats the point of my little rearsh, well I feel there is no point in misleading your audience as a manufacturer, it is better to make a top notch product, properly educate your staff and keep yourselves updated with the changes in the market than to present to your audience something that isn't really what it is. It might be a good marketing strategy intitially but then you stumble on a discerning audience and blow your cover...just let your product speak for you.
Because I like to give people the benefit of a doubt, I will be off to their Hair Institute this weekend with my spy shades on for A SALON PROFILE!! Cant wait and hopefully they dont make me use only their products, might have to leave there; bag of my products in hand!!
Is it just me that thought this Ad campaign was misleading? Fell free to share your thoughts!!
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Till my next post!
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  1. Sorry, they'll make you use only their products, so you'd better not bother going or be prepared to wash out everything the moment you leave there.

    As per the weaves, I guess i'm not too bothered cos I know Dark & Lovely, Creme of Nature and co do the same thing.

    I work in advertising and i've been behind the scenes of too many of such campaigns. Sorry to burst your bubble :)

    1. I concur its misleading but has been going on since forever just look at relaxer box models. Some now add "models hair enhanced with hair extensions" or something to that effect.

    2. I attend the hair institute and use thier products when I go there. What I find misleading is that they don't allow any fixing of extentions there, yet, thier ads have models with weaves. That's wrong on many levels.

      Having said that, they are very professional, and handle hair very well. It feels like a mini head spa treatment every time I go there. And thier prices are awesome!If only they allowed us to use our products.

  2. I think it is misleading, cos as you said, the models used weaves. In the UK, they now ban such ads though not here in the US.

  3. I definitely think it's misleading. And to be honest, the products are no good for me. They are packed with petroleum jelly and so many cones I like to avoid. If only these companies know their onions as they always claim, the world would definitely be a better place

  4. I think i have to come in defense of this brand cos since i came across their anti-dandruff products, i have had a very big relief from dandruff. I actually was skeptical the first time so i got my sister to take pictures of my hair before i started the treatment (could have posted it here if the comment box enable pic uploads)and if you see my hair now, you'll notice a remarkable improvement. I'm not one to recommend a product (mostly hair product cos believe me i've tried a whole lot and most of them are a big disappointment) if i've not experienced it, but i'll continue to use Gentle Touch cos it's a very good hair product.

  5. Yes, when I saw the ads I thought it was very misleading and it put me off the product. However, it seems this is the trend in hair care advertisement. We only knew for certain that Agbani and Oluchi had weaves on, cos we know them as Nigerians and we've never really known them to have such long and lustrous hair, otherwise, it surely would have been one of their selling points or a source of wonder and gist for gossip blogs.

    That said, I think it is lazy advertising to continue to use these false images. There is something of a hair revolution going on now and more ladies are becoming more conscious of hair health and quite a few actually have long beautiful relaxed or natural hair. Can't these brands seek such people out, do like the dove real models campaign that claims to use real women for their ads.

    1. Exactly my thoughts.they could have found real Nigerian Ladies with real hair and use them.

  6. Lol. That guy picked on the wrong person to 'educate'.

  7. LWTMB OOO!!! @Africa Naturalista my dear you are right. dem no know who dey jam! sad but true, they are trained to say that. its marketing concept. i've been yarned the same dust before.

  8. My dear lemme just say a big thank you to you!u see I was always on about Nature's Gentle touch& deir institute..den I came across ur blog!I even suggested u goin to check out d place Reviewing it n all in an old post but afta I "educated" myself,I actually cut short my trips to deir place cos u can ONLY use deir products in dere,n most of deir products av petrolatum,parrafin waeva in it wc we'v all learnt doesn't benefit d hair!I won't say its a bad place but I jst tink dey nid to acquire more knowledge becos to be honest,deir service(customer service)is rily good n all bt some of deir products is d problem and dey now don't allow oda products......all in all,thank God for Knowledge n ur blog Dabs!:)
    As per d advert,na today!!lol...I jst tink its hypocritical dey don't deal with weaves dere bt its apparently "allowed" in deir adverts!!
    Sorry for d longgg sermon pple :)

  9. Thanks ladies for your comments!! All very insightful :)

  10. Mehn they really jammed the wrongest lady...haha. Great job by the way. I can't count the number of peeps I've directed to your site on texlaxing!
    I was in GB one day and was browsing through the cosmetics aisle looking for something new to try. I noticed some people in uniformed shirts arranging a particular product on the shelf. I was drawn to the pretty packaging but after going through the ingredient list, I disappointedly put it back. It goes the same way with yours but goes even further to suggest I relax my hair. I didn't have to say much because my sis who is relaxed beat me to saying "petroleum as first ingredient is so old school!" and the guy was joined by a lady and they kept trying to convince us. I think if I had a company, consumers input,especially if it's a new product, will be welcome.

  11. its not today that companies started misrepresenting themselves in ads

  12. If u enter tara shop,will u c mark kay products there? That's the logic ladies nd that's business 4 u.if pple keep bringing diff relaxers,how will they sell their own product?ladies try nd took at it from both angles.criticizing them to me is like self centered-ness(permit my english)

  13. this companies dont know the advantage of going for model who have the real thing .


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