How's everyone doing? I'd love to say a big BIG thank you to all readers that congratulated me for the new addition to my family, thanks for all the kind prayers and comments!! Much appreciated *HUGS*

Well, my next few posts will be all about hair product hauls and reviews, there is never a better time to test and try products than when you are surrounded by them, my inner strategic product junkie has fully surfaced and I have been stocking up on quite a few hair products which I will share with you all! First up are the Indian products I bought today!!

I was craving a Henna gloss for my hair as a weekend treat yesterday but since I didn't have henna I decided to check google to see if there were any Indian shops around my area and to my excitement there was an Indian shop very near me with excellent reviews!!! Immediately made a date for today with the place called VISHALA GROCERY & RESTAURANT!!

 Went there today and asked for Henna and was directed to this entire section of Indian hair and skin goodies #excitedddddd!!!

I got to Shopping ( this weekend is also tax free weekend so all the products I bought were tax free, the extra excuse I used to convince myself to buy these products :)

As you can see, I got me some Hair  Henna( trust that it will be extra refined which is best for a smooth application on hair)- It has directions on how to make the most of your henna; if you want it for dark brown hair or highlights or burgundy colouring or as a conditioner.

Then I got some Vitika hair products;
Vitika naturals extreme moisturizing styling hair cream almond, honey and aloe vera
Vitika naturals volume and thickness styling hair cream coconut henna and almond
Vitika naturals egg protein deep conditioning hair mask with egg and honey

I must say when I picked up the hair creams I thought the containers were empty and to me that was a good sign because it meant that the product inside is very light weight and won't weigh my hair down, I opened to check them out and they were sealed but I bought them anyway, got home and first thing I did was open them up and BEHOLD;

Light and fluffy looking whipped to perfection hair cream was staring back at me!!! Can't wait to see how these products make my hair feel! Stay tuned for their reviews and use my test when you are hair product shopping, remember; the heavier and more dense the product feels in the container the more it will weigh your hair down and clog your pores!! Aim for fluffy and airy hair moisturizers, they do the best job!

The next thing I grabbed was Neem oil which I have never used, It looks like really gross cough syrup and it smells WORSE!! but the BENEFITS OF NEEM OIL outweigh the smell so I got it anyway and will use it strictly for deep conditioning where I can wash it off with a sweet smelling shampoo or conditioner later...

I also grabbed a tiny bottle of Parachute Coconut Oil (Also available in PARK N SHOP and EMJAYS SUPERMARKET in Naija) I love love love this particular brand of coconut oil because it smells just like coconuts!!! The coconut oil I used before didn't smell like coconuts but this one? WOW fresh coconuts on my hair!!

Rose water  was the final thing I got, Rose water promotes hair growth by improving the circulation of blood on the scalp, conditions the hair strands and curbs dandruff and itching, I will use rosewater instead of regular water to mix my Henna into a paste and other similar concoctions as part of my weekend hair treats.

That's all for now with my Indian hair products haul, as I stated please look out for proper product reviews of the Vitika Products and other hair product hauls and reviews! These product hauls and reviews should help readers who want to partake in the SHOP NHCG IMPORT WINDOWS which will be up and running from September!!! Thanks again ladies for all the support!!



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