Its been a minute!! Hope all is well ladies!! This weekend, I picked up the first batch of SHOP NHCG goodies ordered during the import window this month as well as some products I personally want to try out and want to stock on the SHOP page.

Since all the products are not yet here (final batch is here next weekend), I will not put up the products to be stocked on the page yet also ladies who made orders, I will be contacting you if your products are in this batch, if you don't hear from me then know your order is coming with the final batch.

In the mean time, here's a list of the yummy products that found their way to our shores :)
As usual, not all these products are stocked, some are pre-ordered and already paid for.

Elasta Qp mango and olive oil butter
Black castor oil
Hair trigger growth elixir
Kay-vel creme press and curl wave
Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning treatment
Suave naturals shampoo and conditioner
Amla legend billion potion
Amla legend 1001 creme night wrap
Wide tooth combs
Aphogee keratin green tea spray
Aphogee Provitamin leave in conditioner
Satin rollers
Roots only applicator
Silk dreams vanilla silk moisture dream
Silk dreams satin smooth hair cream
Giovanni direct leave in
Giovanni tea tree invigorating shampoo
Grapeseed oil
Morrocan oil intense hydrating mask
Mixed chicks deep conditioner
Fretress equal futura synthetic Band full cap Wig classic girl
Its a Wig Victoria human hair wig

Last but not the least, the wig most of you chose for meHERE, I loved it too; The 'Its a wig VIOLA'

Here's a first look at Miss Viola on moi!!
 I will be tweaking this wig till it looks like this;
It cant be as straight but I will make the sides low and keep the middle spiked up like Halle does...stay tuned for my wig styling updates( wish me luck)
Thanks for stopping by as usual!



  1. Please can I get some products that I didn't preorder or paid for? Or can I still make a fresh order and knowing it will arrive in the last batch?

    1. Hiya,
      The products that were not pre-ordered will be stocked on the shop page next week and you can get the products,the last batch of orders are already on their way so unfortunately you will have to wait till the May window opens to make a fresh order which is actually around the corner; 1st May to 7th May. Feel free to send me an email when you are ready!


  2. Hiya. I'm kinda new here. Discovered your blog a bout 2weeks ago and i've been hooked. Having hair issues especially since doing some wicked braids late 2010 which basically destroyed my front hair line. Relaxed my hair last week which was 6months after my last relaxer treatment and my hair appears texlaxed. Anyways, i aint bothered because this is helping me with my decision to start my personal hair journey. This hair must grow! It's basically been shoulder length but with very little body and this seems to be the trend among my sisters and mum but i wanna see if maybe with all the different treatments, i can give it a new lease of life. On Friday, i pre-pooed with olive oil,slept wt a scarf over my shower cap and on sat morning, first i shampooed lightly then deep conditioned with a mix of 1egg+honey+castor oil+olive oil+mayonnaise, rinsed off after massaging and covering wt a shower cap for 1hr. Then cos of the eggy smell(phew),i conditioned again with regular conditioner(Organics cholesterol and tea tree oil+ Dr Miracle's hair treatment+Dark&Lovely's cholesterol:these last 2 i've had at home, cudnt just throw 'em away nah, sides they do work!) and afterwards allowed my hair to dry naturally. At this point i must say that my folks at home find all what I'm doing quite funny even though they are being very supportive but not to worry, i intend to be an apostle preaching that with proper care and loving attention, naija hair can and will grow!! I have identified the mistakes i've made in the past and i have repented. I'm focusing on getting my hair healthy mainly but also going all out to preserve length.
    I am so thankful for the day i came across your blog. God bless you!!

    1. Awwww God bless you too! So glad my blog has inspired you to start a hair journey! I'll be here to guide you along :)

  3. Yayyy cnt wait to get mine :)

    1. Yay!! Sending emails out for delivery addresses tomorrow!

  4. Dabs, Please check you mail dated 30th April 2013.

  5. I noticed some my favorite hair products on the list.


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