My Weekend Treats!!

As I promised, I'm here with my wicked post relaxer weekend hair treat which I indulged in 2 Saturdays ago and I'm also here with the weekend treat I indulged in last week Saturday. Both treats left my hair strong, moisturized and fortified!!

Weekend Treat 1- Post relaxer;
After every relaxer treatment I infuse my strands with protein to counter what ever keratin/protein I lost during the treatment and to fill my strands with protein bonds thereby strengthening them.

So for this protein treat, I used an egg;

The Silk dreams Moisture deep conditioner; to balance out the protein

Regular Herbal essence conditioner-for more moisture balance

And finally added some Hair Trigger!!

I mixed them all together;

applied the mix from root to tip and covered my hair with a paper bag...waited around for an hour and then rinsed out...I did not shampoo my hair, I used some Roux Porosity Control conditioner to co-wash and that was it.

I decided to rollerset my hair myself;

used the opportunity to treat my scalp to a hot oil treatment using castor oil, grapeseed and almond oil mixed together. Took my rollers out, pin curled the curls when they had cooled down and covered them up with a satin cap;

This method is by far the best method of having curls I have tried to date!! it allows me spend just about 45mins in the dryer rather than 90mins, as long as you can pin curl properly, your curls will come out perfect the next day, just like you just rolled them...see results!

Weekend Treat 2- This past weekend!
I decided to focus more on moisture this weekend by building my hair treat on Aloe Vera juice-read benefits of Aloe Vera juice below;
Aloe vera juice, with its excellent moisturizing properties can serve as a natural conditioner to deeply moisturize the hair strands.

It works as an excellent hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

One of the most important benefits of aloe vera is prevention of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth, the enzymes found in aloe vera gel and juice act as hair growth stimulators.

It can also help to control dandruff. To get healthy hair and dandruff free scalp, you can apply the gel or juice of aloe vera on your scalp before taking a shower, leave it on for about half an hour, and then rinse it off.

The juice or gel acts as a natural astringent and will rid your hair of excess oil, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Source; here
There you have it...isn't God just magnificent? giving us all these natural options to use to care for our crown of glory!

Anyways....I mixed some pure Aloe Vera juice with castor oil;

Some Mayonnaise-just to have a little protein in there;

Pure Glycerin for more moisture;

 And decided to put the watery mix in a mist spray bottle...

Spritz my hair from root to tip till it was drenched in the mix;

Tilted my head over and massaged my scalp making sure my scalp was absorbing the mix as much as possible.

Then I held my hair up and covered it with a cholesterol self heating cap for about an hour.

When the time was up I simply rinsed out the mix and cleansed my scalp with dudu osun black soap just to get the Aloe Vera juice properly out of my hair...focused on just my scalp though...followed the wash with Roux Porosity control as usual and then a cold cold water rinse to seal my hair cuticles...

When I was done, I let my hair air dry using Organix Cherry Blossom ginseng miracle defrizzant cream, went out with Lion King hair, came back home and while I perused instagram (my instagram acc by the way is naija hair can grow, follow me :), I stumbled upon this hair style posted on Curl Box which I tweeted about, view my tweet to see the gorg hairstyle! HERE

If you want hair style inspiration and you are natural, check out curl box...thank me later :)

I loved it and immediately tried it out using twists instead...

It was really easy to do (one big flat twist round your head forming a halo) and turned out simple and elegant...the next day being Sunday, sure enough, your home girl redid the twists and wore the style to church...

Got a compliment from a really pretty down to earth YouTube guru I bumped into...was surprised because most Naija girls just keep looking at you without saying a word or even you get the stares too when you are sporting a different style?! Oh the worst is when they finally say something and it's 'is that your hair?' and you say;'yes' with a smile and their response is hmmm or a disappointed OK!! I start wondering if the person asked hoping to hear NO...lolzzz some Naija ladies are funny!!

Sorry for the digression!! Back to the hair treats...if you take a close look at the two treats you will notice that the first treat was protein based as I stated BUT not without a little moisture to balance things out and if you look at the second treat done the following week, it was all about moisture BUT not without a little protein to balance things out...that's the way to go about these hair treatments...don't do hair treatments for the sake of doing them, follow this simple formula;
A Protein based treat with a lil' moisture this week
A Moisture based treat with a lil' protein next week

When in doubt...don't concoct, use mayonnaise/cholesterol deep conditioner(manufactured by hair product companies) for your protein and regular conditioner, glycerin and hair oils for moisturizing..just tweak the quantities to get the balance each week.

If you want to concoct like I love to do, make sure you know the purpose/ benefit of every ingredient you have in the mix and where it fits in the protein/moisture scale.

Hope my explanation and this post clears things up for those still figuring out incorporating weekend treats into their hair regimen.

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  1. Omg!!! Dabs I'm so hair crush with u right now, I came across your blog @ just grow already and I decided to bookmark you cos I stay in nigeria. I have been following your tips steadfasting but most of the hair treatments are hard to find since I don't stay in lagos. But intend to do hairshopping when I go2 lagos but seriously yur my best hair naija blogger. I started my hair journey on 10th of April, 2013 when I decided not to wear weaved anymore. Oops this is not a diary!!. Cheers I look forward to get more hair tips and treats from u!

  2. i love the results, your hair is really nice Dabs!

  3. I will do a variation of your first weekend treat on my hair this weekend, love the hair style.

  4. Dabs, pls could you do a post on how to texlax. The nitty gritty and the whole processes should be outlined. I want to texlax my hair in order to have body and bounce and since you texlax, you're in a better position to help with this.

    Please include your relaxer of choice(cup or kit), the mixing process, lubricant application and etc. Thanks in advance.

    1. I already have a post on texlaxing, please use the search column above to find it. I recommend using a lye relaxer( cup) for best result even though I use a no-lye and just speed up the process so my hair does not get so straight...every other thing interns of the process, mixing, lubricant etc is according to my post 'how to relax Naija hair' find it using the search column.


  5. Is my likely to be damaged if on the days leading to my ralxer I used a water base product to moisturise my new growth eg s curl?

    1. No not at all, I moisturize and seal my hair even on the day of relaxing, I just wait till the roots I dry before I start.

  6. Hi,this is lovely.You are an inspiration to me. Like i said before am a Nigeria who live in Australia it is so hard to get products for african Hair am so happy to come across your blog.Thank you so much for this,Love your hair and style.Thank you once again.

  7. Nice Post.....

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  8. Thanks for the comments ladies!!

  9. Will definitely try this

  10. awesome hair. this particular post inspired me to start my home and skin blog. check it out on

  11. Does nigerian natural hair shrink?


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