Product Review; SoftSheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion!

Hope all's well ladies! As you all should know, the the NHCG 6inches of growth challenge is still on and just as a reminder, the star prize for the lady that retains the most growth at the end of the challenge which is in December is $100 worth of hair product imports!! There will also be NHCG goody bags up for grabs for ladies who came close to our 6inches goal!!

Now if you are gunning for the star prize and you have been listing the products you would buy when you might want to add this product up for review on that list!!

So when I was in the US during the first week of March, I saw the SoftSheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion at Sally's, it caught my attention and I immediately put this post to the test.

First the makers soft sheen Carson's have been in the hair product business for ages-CHECK

Then I decided to read the ingredients; the first 3 ingredients were Aqua, glycerin, arginine and then down the list was phyllanthus emblica fruit extract! CHECK
We all know the benefits of water and glycerin; ultimate hair moisturizers!

Arginine caught my attention because it sounded like the glycerin * wide grin* and upon further research, this is what I found; Arginine has several characteristics that may benefit hair follicles, it is a semi-essential amino acid, It boosts nitric oxide levels, which promotes circulation and aids in the release of hair growth hormones-many nuts contain arginine including peanut, almonds, cashew, walnuts, peacans, check here for other sources- interesting!

And then the fruit extract I'm guessing is the Amla fruit. The pack states the powerful properties of Amla calling it a super fruit from India, packed with anti-oxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals ...

At the store I read the claims; the potion was described as a formula with Amla oil, arginine and strengthening CERAMIDE ( now that really caught my attention-read more about ceramides here) that intensely conditions and wraps the hair to help promote visibly thicker, fuller hair- SOLD!
I picked one up and strolled excitedly to the counter! Since then I have silently used this product, waiting to see if it was worth a review and let me just say it qualified!

You know I'm always skeptical about all these names manufacturers give their products, first it was hair trigger growth elixir now it's Amla legend rejuvenating ritual with ceramide and arginine billion hair potion( major tongue twister) but now I'm loosening up after seeing how great hair trigger makes my hair feel! Aside from the name, this product at 55ml is quite affordable, great for travel and the best part of it? It's light and literally gets absorbed by your hair and scalp!!-That I love!!

The directions say apply several drops on dry hair and scalp especially on damaged areas and massage gently for scalp stimulation, do not rinse out and use twice a day. It also states that it's for ALL hair types, so naturals you are included!

I have followed the directions, though I use it mainly at night on my scalp because it comes with a dropper( great for product use control);

 I simply drop a few drops of the potion on my palms or straight on my scalp and massage, its absolutely non-greasy;

 So I literally see the potion get absorbed which makes it great for night time because you don't have to deal with oil spills or acne!!

My hair was not exactly unhealthy when I purchased this product so I can't say for now if this product has contributed to making it visibly thicker and fuller but I will say my hair is those two things and so at least this product has not made it worse or failed in its claims, I would like to see how it can transform thinner hair...might put it to the test actually! Ok I will put it to the test....

You know there will be a NHCG June Halftime meet up... Well if you are a reader of this blog and you live in Lagos and know you will be around from the 1st to 2 nd week of June to attend the meet up and your hair is thinning and you want to take part in this test, simply send a picture of your hair and your name to my email and I will send you a FREE bottle of this potion but you must first be OK with having your starting picture put up on the blog, you must use this potion as directed on the pack till the JUNE meet up and in June, you must attend with your potionified hair and have us examine if this product worked!!

I will pick one person that needs it the most or I just might make you all the judges...we'll see! interested ladies you have till Sunday the 21st to send in your pictures, this potion might just be the answer to your receding hair never know!

SHOP NHCG will stock this potion at the end of the month as well as their 1001 oils cream night wrap(can't wait to try this myself);
So feel free to give them both a try...
Thanks for the support ladies!!
Have a lovely weekend


  1. Still praying for the day I can get some of these products in my arsenal!

  2. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.
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  3. Hi Dabs,

    Pls check your yahoomail for emails dated April 17 2013 and April 23rd 2013 as regards to a request.



    1. Sorry Bethil, my internet has been down..will get back to you ASAP

  4. As I read about those ingredients, I got interested with the recent one which is Arginine. An article written about arginine is it contains nitric oxide which promotes natural and good blood flow within the body. So the effect of arginine to our hair is that it might possibly helps good nutrient distribution for our hair? Am I right?

  5. I haven't had a chance to try the potion yet but I am definitely falling in love with the 1001 oils cream. It also helps that it smells amazing.


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