Is Mira Oil really Miraculous?

Hope all's well!! Today's post is about a product I have been asked about many times!! It's called MIRA OIL;

As usual the questions/suggestions about the oil peeked my interest I had to do my research and here are my findings!

My first stop was NOT the company's website because I wanted the TRUTH (in terms of reviews). Luckily Amazon had the oil for sale, the price of the oil was the first thing that caught my eye! At $77 for just 4.2 ounces of oil, I was like woahhh!! That's almost 10times more than Jamaican Black Castor oil and other hair oils!!

The price got me curious! Couldn't wait to see what it contained...and here's the list of ingredients;
Henna, Aloe vera, Eclipta alba, Hibiscus, Amla, Coconut oil, Tridax procumbens (coat bottons), Cuscuta reflexa, Asiasari Radix, Sophora flavescens, Ocimum gratissimum, Ginkgo biloba, Rosmarinus officinalis, Thuja occidentalis leaf, Citrullus colocynthis, Trigonella (Fenugreek), Grape seed oil.

As you can see this oil is PACKED with really great stand alone hair ingredients like henna, Amla, coconut oil, fenugreek and grapeseed oil... All ingredients I have used and love but then the question that came to my mind, the same question I asked HERE and HERE, how much of the great stuff is in here? and what informed the decision of the manufacturers to put these ingredients all together?

I went ahead to read the manufacturer claims;
They claimed that the oil stops hair thinning, to improve the health, look and manageability of your hair or even to make your hair grow faster.

There are no chemicals or harsh ingredients in this product – it really is completely safe and natural, and many of these herbs have been used for thousands of years in India.

The ingredients in Mira Hair Oil penetrate the scalp, increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles, exfoliating the pores, and inhibiting the production of DHT (high levels of Dihydrotestosterone is one of the main causes of hair loss). It can effectively stop hair thinning and stimulate the fast growth of new and healthy hair.

Then I read a RED flag!! They wrote; Please consult your doctor regarding Mira Hair Oil Ingredients if you are taking medication before use and avoid if pregnant.

How come? I thought the oil was completely natural and free of harsh chemicals! How come a doctor's attention needs to be called before use if taking with other medication and pregnant women can't take it! Black Castor oil bottle does not say so neither do any other natural oils or even henna!!

So I went to the reviews on Amazon and these 2 stood out to me;

REVIEW 1; I watched over 20 reviews about this product. Most of them said it works. Well, I am using it 3 weeks and I do not see great results. The same results you can get with any coconut oil. Hair grows with normal rate. Hair still falls at the same rate as it was before I used Mira oil. I had thoughts that reviews are not sincere. This oil is ok. This product is ok, but does not make great results as promised at the website of Mira. And of course, its does not cost this price at all.

The bottle contains only 4 ounces of oil. You are supposed to use it over 8 weeks three times a week. That is 24 times for one bottle. It means that each time you can use only one teaspoon of oil to rub it over your whole scalp!

The Mira Hair Oil company offers buyers a chance to get $50 back if they submit a review of their Mira oil experience. That is like bribing people to advertise their products. Think about it for a minute: if you want to get your $50 back, would you write a negative review? Now I know where all those glowing reviews on the Internet come from. Is it also a coincidence all those reviews are on sites that sell Mira Oil or are affiliated with the company?

REVIEW 2;This product is too oily, and does not work. My hair is still damaged and still breaking and not growing. I would not reccomend this product to anyone. That's why its strange if you look online for product reviews, you will only find really good reviews and no bad reviews. This product stinks. Do not use it

Then I stumbled upon this extensive review which I have summarized on a hair forum by a Nigerian I presume;

I couldn’t find any reviews on this oil and the ones I did find seemed skewed, and had no pictures or any real proof outside of “this works.” At almost $90 a bottle (with shipping) I expected to find more on the web, especially if it works as well as claimed.

After 21days;can't say my hair is longer (I honestly don’t notice any difference in length), it does feel fuller to my touch.
After 6 weeks;My scalp appears to be completely healthy. I have used the oil five almost six weeks now. My last 3 washes have been with regular non-medicated shampoo (I cannot tell you how nervous I was doing this I feared it would come back with a vengeance), but nope! At this point, even my dandruff is gone. As for length, honestly I cannot say my hair has grown faster (it hasn't), but there is DEFINITELY less shedding and my scalp is healthy
Yes, my hair has grown, but no faster than before. However, the oil is cheaper then co-pays for dr. visits, prescriptions, special shampoos, etc. and more importantly, it WORKS. It has not controlled it, it has eliminated my scalp problem.

So what's my conclusion? Well I have this to say, this product sounds like it has been overrated! People are always looking for quick fixes to their hair problems and manufactures know this, so they make claims that seem too good to be true and most times they are just that;too good to be true!!

It seems like any ol'oil and yes it has really good ingredients with benefits that will work for your hair
in the long run not overnight! So if you are okay with the price and still want to give this product a shot, I will say go ahead but don't have high unattainable hopes!!

That's that for MIRA OIL! Have any of you tried this oil? would you try it? let me know below in the comment form below!

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  1. i think its not worth the price.massive bottles of the ingredients combined wouldnt cost that much.i think its the same as the t444z hair proper reviews but it claims a lot. smh.

    1. Really! Much ad about nothing!

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  2. Hi Dabs,
    I seem to miss a lot, espercially when orders are being placed.
    I'd also like to confirm if i can contact you through this email ( cos you dont seem to reply.
    Please i need to talk to you (maybe vent), cos my hair needs SERIOUS HELP.

    Please Reply.

    1. Hiya, You can reach me on that email address and I always reply my mails...late sometimes but you will always get a reply from me.

  3. The pregnancy explanation is very easy. Castor Oil is a carrier oil, and carrier oils are not harmful to pregnant women.

    From the ingredients of Mira Oil that I reading in your post, it is a combination of essential oils and carrier oils. Some essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women and children, one of which is Rosemary Oil, also known as Rosmarinus officinalis, which is part of the ingredients of the Mira oil.

    I also noticed that all these big big grammar in the ingredients are actually scientific names for basic ingredients, but perhaps the manufacturer wants to impress customers, so they are not putting the simple names.

    1. Hmmm interesting!! Thanks a lot for the insight!!

  4. Still waiting for your mail for april's import

    1. If you pre-ordered you should have gotten a mail from me today. The shop page will be stocked this weekend.


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  9. Groveda Fast Hair Growth Oil works for perfect for me. And it sure ain't expensive.

  10. Has anyone in Nigeria used it successfully?? Cos I want to cut my hair cos of excessive thinning and I want to be sure It would grow back properly....

  11. Hi Dabs, please input your e-mail ID. I got serious hair issue. Need kind help please

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  13. My daughter used it and it helped her hair tremendously.


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