Don't be a hair product snob!! Products you should try regardless of your hair status!

How's it going? I have finally snapped out of the euphoria of opening the SHOP NHCG page and the flood of support that came with it,  I really appreciate you all for the encouraging emails, hi five comments and Atilogu jubilation *wide grin*. I hope it lives up to all you want it to be!

Now to my topic, remember my II'm going natural post? The post where I declared my decision to only use all natural products for my hair? Well it did not take very long before I had to rethink that route! You see I quickly realized that even though the natural products were working great for my hair, my hair still craved the products that had brought it this far. 

The result from moisturizing and sealing with just Shea butter mix and olive oil then detangling with just water/ glycerin was good for my hair up to the point when the new growth set in, I could not ignore the number of tangles that my mane n tail detangler could demolish in no time, or the silky moist feeling that my hair got from a good moisturizer or the fact that all I needed was a little amount of Ecostyler gel to get my edges lying down nice and cool! I struggled to stay true to my resolve but I had to snap out of it, sobbing these hair products was taking my hair nowhere!

The point of my little rehash is this; many ladies have found themselves or are in similar situations where they not only have over conceptualized the idea of hair care but have also put themselves in boxes limiting themselves to this and that without fully exploring the possibilities that can arise from thinking outside the box. Just because you are African does not mean that you must use only products geared to your race or you are restricted to the ethnic hair care aisle in the grocery store, because you are natural doesn't mean only products barring organic/ natural will work for your hair! 

Please dont be a product snob, it can be detrimental to you having longer, healthier hair. There could be other reasons for your snobbery like health but be honest with yourself, if your snobbery is not because of something' personally' health related or maybe religious related( dont snob products basedon other people's views of the product)then don't you think it's time to rethink and just try out a product that might work great for your hair? For a long time, even tough I had heard the wonderful benefits of henna I refused to use it because I didn't like the scary box with all those drawings of Indian looking gods it was packaged in but I had to get over myself and the first time I used it, I just prayed over it, just incase, LOL! 

Below are a few products from product lines that are not necessarily geared towards our type of hair but these products have worked for many hair gurus and work for ME! Hopefully when I am done raving about these products any snobbery will cease!

I have not hidden my love for this line, I have used their conditioners, heat protectant, curling products and recently I tried a product from their SPLIT REMEDY line for split ends called SPLIT REMEDY LEAVE IN SPLIT END CONDITIONING TREATMENT;

It's featured on the SHOP NHCG page. I love this product so much I had to get quite a few bottles for back up, it's very affordable $5 max with tax and smells sooooooo good, I love the pump for easy application but best of all is the feeling I get when I apply it to my ends! my ends soak this stuff up and stay moisturized and soft!


ORGANIX PRODUCTS; The Nourishing Coconut milk range.

I must have been one of their first customers! I purchased their frizz control serum which has since finished and this weightless mouse which has lasted forever;

 I use it for twistouts because of its lightweight and wonderful coconuty smell its also a plus that all the products made by organix are  sulphate free!! They now have a wide range of products containing argan oil,ginseng, macadamia oil, green tea, shea butter, cocoa butter, lavender, soy milk, cucumber and even yogurt! And I cant wait to get my hands on them!!


 I have used both heat protectants and though my loyalty lies with Chi, I think they are both really great and protect your hair when you apply heat to it. They are extremely lightweight and will not weigh your hair down, a little goes a long way these products, they smell great and above all do their job of keeping your hair straight and frizz free for a good while and your hair is left looking shinny but not too shinny that it looks greasy! 

The chi company also produce a product that's all the rave with international hair guru's called Biosilk, I'm going to be trying that out really soon!hope it lives up to the hype.

HERBAL ESSENCE/ GARNIER FRUCTIS; Before I started my hair journey I really couldn't be bothered about shampoos or conditioners and what they did for my hair! As long as the product smelled fruity and yummy I was good! When I tried out Herbal essence and Garnier fructis products I simply feel in love! 

Not only did they leave my hair feeling great, they all smell yum yum yummmy! They come in different fruity blends that leave your hair really smelling like a fresh fruit basket! The product I use and love from herbal essence is from their long term relationship line, the leave- in;

 which  became so popular with African Americans so much so it is now a very scarce commodity! On my last trip I didn't see it so I just settled for a conditioner;

The GARNIER FRUCTIS product that works really great for my hair is their sleek and shine leave in conditioner which I have used countless times especially as a student in the US because its a generous amount,  really cheap but works great!!

I rank the Aussie split end poctector which I am presently trying for the first time with the garnier fructis product and the TRESemme split remedy product. Cheap and very helpful!! 

So my dears, you see there are many products out there you can explore and the SHOP NHCG page is always there for you to take advantage of. The monthly import hair product finds' window is still open and I have received quite a few orders already, don't miss out on this month's opportunity  which closes on the 7th, especially if your hair needs attention or you have friends and family who need help, don't let them just watch you grow longer hair, no fair!! :)

Thanks for stopping by, expect great things from NHCG!! 



  1. I recently found ganier and herbal essence in a Max Mart shop. Your review has definitely helped me in deciding to try them.

    1. Aww cool, glad I could be of help to you!

  2. Hi Dabs, you are on a blog roll!!! Congrats again on your new shop!

    But 1st things 1st, Get behind me Dabs!!!. I'm a reforming PJ and your post threatens to undo all my hard work.

    But i agree with you, i love Tressemme, i currently use their Natural line. Herbal Essence is also swell, infact i bought 3 large bottles of their Hello Hydration conditioner last December and i'm still staring at them. I haven't had time to use them. Maybe i should just do a product rotation timetable.

    I however draw a line at using shampoos with SLS or those harsh surfactants. I swear by Aloe Vera Juice and Glycerin. And i still want to try the Aussie Moist and Curls Unleashed lines... Just not now

    1. Lol thanks Enigma, Weeellllll I have been a produc junkie in the past, how can't you be with all the products out there but these days I know a product that will work for my hair just by looking at it and so know I'm a 'selective' PJ!lolzz You can't blame me, Ilike having options! :) I haven't tried Aloe Vera juice and glycerin, will give that a go soon! You know the shop's always there whenever you are ready :) thanks for the support!

  3. I read were you said you were "going natural", I almost fainted, thought you were going to cut off all your gorgeous hair and start again...phew! Yeah,I agree, natural isn't always better. I am a herbal essence fan. I've been using their hello hydration shampoo and conditioner for about a year now and love it. I'm looking for a good detangler because tangles are my biggest pain right now. I'll probably try out the mane and tail detangler even though I am nervous because I've heard good and very bad things about it. We'll see what happens... fingers crossed.

    1. If the Mane n' tail doesn't work out, Silk Elements Silken Child Leave-in detangler is also great!

    2. Yeah mane and tail is lovely. Doc I've heard about silken child, will try it out and see if it beats my darling mane and tail:)

  4. Chi silk infusion is the bomb!!

  5. Dabs, you blog is on point! I came across it when doing a google search. I am into healthy hair care. I will be following your blog. You've got a fan in Zambia girl! So can i buy products from NHCG and have the sent to Zambia or is it exclusively for Naija for now?

    1. Whoop whoop! All the way from Zambia!! Thanks girl, I will do some research on how Icahn get products over to you in Zambia and get back to you!!


  6. Herbal essence is the best!


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