Different ways to curl your hair plus the 'NHCG At least 100 readers for 100 posts campaign!!'

So if you have not been counting, I have!! This is my 100th post y'all and I must say, I have had a blast writing every single post here and appreciate everyone who has read them!

As I write my 100th post I'd love to have at least one follower for each post!! Fair enough? I think so! So I am launching a campaign on this post and it comes with a giveaway...something related to this post! Read on to find out...

I don't know about you but I love my hair curly, straight hair is cool but can be boring after a while, but in my opinion, curly hair is cooler! It styles better and makes your hair look full of body and elaborate especially when you are attending an event. 
This post will elaborate on the different ways I create curls on my hair, some methods I have stuck to, others I have abandoned; let me list them so you can make your choice!

Using HEAT

Heated rollers

I have a set of heated rollers which take a few minutes to get hot after being plugged in. All you simply do is take the roller out from its station, wrap your hair round and hold it with the provided pin. After a few minutes you take the roller out put it back on the station to reheat and then hold your curled hair in place till it cools so your curls last longer.

I also have curling rods; with and without clamps;
The same method for the heated rollers applies but the only difference is most curling rod's have buttons to regulate their heat levels and this can minimize heat damage though quicker,longer lasting curls are made using higher heat than low heat.

The two methods mentioned above are HORRIBLE for your hair if you indulge in them often! They use direct heat severed straight to your hair shaft and split  it in no time causing dryness and brittleness! Opt for these options ONLY when you want curls ASAP and don't have the convenience of time for the other options and never try these methods without a heat protectant!

The next heat related method is using hair rollers under a hooded dryer.

I love me some bouncy curls and I have discovered that this method gives my hair the most bouncy curls over any other method! This set of magnetic rollers comes ready with different sizes of rollers, a tail comb for sectioning and silver clamps for the perfect hold. You simply section your damp( not wet or dry for best result) hair smooth it out with a comb and roll it on the roller and secure the roller at the base with the clip, since rollers come in different sizes, use the roller size that will hold your hair in place the best. 

It requires practice though if you want to do it yourself but is not mad science! I find that this is the best heat method because rather than direct heat on your hair which is damaging, the hooded dryer's heat circulates and will not be as damaging.

I have bought and used the Caruso Steam roller set before but I returned it after just 1 use. 

Well the concept is cool, basically instead of using heat to heat their specially designed rollers like the heated rollers option, the rollers come with a little bowl like machine where you put a little water and then the rollers are placed over the bowl of water that heats up and releases steam and when the rollers soak up the steam, you then use them to roll sectioned hair. The issue I had with this method though was the fact that the steam ended up making my hair nearly wet! The curls I thought would form in a few minutes took soooo long to dry and then when I took the rollers out, I was met with frizzy curls!! So I dumped this option!

These methods of creating curls are by far the best for the health of your hair! 

They include the use of satin rollers(my best method for silky tighter curls) discussed it here;http://naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com/2012/05/may-hair-challenge-no-heat.html

The use of bantu knots or Flexi rods, also talked about here; http://naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com/2011/07/hair-101-twist-out-as-protective-style.html
or this new method  I discovered which I have fallen in love with, using PILLOW SOFT ROLLERS

This method is an homage to the olden days way of creating curls with handkerchiefs and little cloths and I can tell you I love it!

Since most of the no heat methods require you to have them done overnight, I find that Flexi rods are too uncomfortable to sleep on, satin rollers depending on your hair length and the size of rollers, can sometimes get undone as you sleep BUT these my friends will stay put on your hair as you toss and turn the night away!

I got these on my last trip to the US and I use them quite a bit, especially for my ends after a twist out! 

They are padded with foam, have small iron edges so you can twist easily and are light weight and portable which is perfect for travel, now if only they were covered in satin!!

Oh well these are all the curlers I have personally used and you know by now where my heart belongs! The thing with getting curls is; forget about them if you are in a hurry! if you are impatient with any method getting curls will damage your hair and leave it full of tangles or split ends but if you practice delayed gratification, you will get the best results; well formed, shinny healthy looking curls free of knots, tangles or frizz!

All of the non heat options are available for order at SHOP NHCG if you'd like to get any, I have 4 packs of satin rollers in stock at the moment. Feel free to go over to Shop NHCG for more info!

Now to the NHCG 100 readers for 100 posts campaign;

Simply invite as many friends as possible to visit this blog and follow by clicking the follow button, the like button on Facebook and the follow button on bloglovin( that black and white woman on the top right of this page is not just for fashion its the bloglovin icon :) 

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The names used must be names that I can verify as followers of the blog and likers of the facebook page (both the new and old users' names)

Once I have 100 readers following the blog, the person that recommended the blog the most will have the option of choosing between the MAGNETIC ROLLERS;


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This really is not a way of arm twisting readers to follow this blog oh, I'm hoping that's not the vibe anyone gets but rather it's an opportunity to spread the much needed word! For lack of knowledge, many heads of hair in our society are perishing, I say enough is enough, let's share this knowledge!! Please before I turn into a preacher here, join me in this campaign and let's make a difference! :) 

Thanks for your support ladies!

On a sad non hair related note; how barbaric was the killing of those young boys from PH!! I can only imagine what their parents are going through, my heart goes out to all the families of the victims! As for the perpetrators? Vengeance is the Lords' If the Nigerian government will not give these boys justice, God who never sleeps will!!   



  1. Congrats on reaching 100 posts and I think giving a way a t-shirt with your blog name is genius! Like you said it spreads the word plus who can't use a t-shirt?

    1. Thanks Ebony!! I know everyone uses a T-shirt!! Please spread the word :) you are one of the first ladies I used to watch on YouTube back when my hair was a hot mess!

  2. I hope to refer as many readers as I can. Congrats on hitting 100 posts!

    1. Thanks curious kinks! Hope China is treating you well!

  3. Congratulations! I had a great time reading this post because it gives me more ideas with regards on curling my hair. Thanks.

  4. Congrats Dabs, slowly but surely you are getting there!!!

    May their souls rest in perfect peace. I can't even imagine the terror each boy went thru as their killers brought them down.

    As for their parents, only God can heal the unimaginable pain they are going through.....

    1. amen to your prayer! Don't break your winning streak, please refer all your pals over here :)

  5. Hi I have been a silent follower of your blog and decided recently after my wedding to dump the brazillian weave and any type of hair extentions, and grow my natural hair.

    You have blogged on the importance of hydrating our hair with water and glycerin mixture. can I do this routine during the cold winter months winter? Abby

  6. Hi Abby thanks for your comment. Glycerin is a humectant which means it draws the moisture from the environment but in winter the air isn't exactly moist, so what I recommend is using this mixture which should be 1part glycerine, 2 parts water just on your roots as a detangler and then moisturize with a normal water. Based moisturizer and seal with oil during winter months.

  7. Please where can i get the hot rollers


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