So you have decided to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair hence you are dealing with two textures of hair, the key to maintaing progress with your hair will be protective styling! One of my favourite protective styles is the TWIST OUT because it’s a great way to blend the two textures of hair together by creating soft or tight curls either way you choose. Let me show you how to achieve a twist out !!

                                                        A Comb

Moisturizer and Sealant

Hair Mousse ( preferably moisturizing Hair Mousse)

Your Fingers J
Booby Pins

Spray bottle with part water and part glycerin(optional)

First step is to section your hair, I like to section mine into four equal parts, then work with each section. 

Next, moisturize and seal your hair just the way I illustrated in my regimen post.

Then, apply a little hair mousse to that section of hair and if your hair is too dry spray a little of the water/glycerin mixture on it( you can skip this if your hair is damp enough). I advice you use more of the spray bottle mixture than more of the mousse because using too much mousse can make your hair too stiff.

After you are done applying all of the above to that section, take parts of your hair in twos like the picture below and twist according to your preffered size

When done twisting, roll the hair into a knot and secure it with a bobby pin, repeat these steps on the other sections of your hair. see picture below.

If you have a hooded dryer sit under it for about 30mins or if you are like me and you’d rather lounge around the house until you hair is TOTALLY DRY feel free! Or if you want to do it at night, when you are done wrap a scarf around your head , wear a hair net or if you have a wig cap, wear one and sleep on it!

When the hair is dry, take out the bobby pins and undo the knot, loosen the twist gently and VOILA!! Style according and rock your twist out for like a week!!

Each morning, take some moisturizer, oil and hair mousse in your palm and sparingly scrunch the ends of your twist out. You can section the hair if you like and then scrunch. Below is a picture of my scrunching technique.

WHY IT’S A PROTECTIVE STYLE; The Twist out is a protective style because once its done, you will not need to manipulate your hair by combing it in order to style it and your hair will look presentable in spite of the two textures you are dealing with!

VARIATIONS TO THIS STYLE; The Twist out Technique I took you through above is also called BANTU KNOTTING in other hair circles but if you would rather not have your hair in knots you can opt for a variation of this style called the ‘SILK TWIST’. In this variation, you would need a silk scarf, then you will part your hair into two or three sections and you braid your hair around the scarf  as you would with extensions( the scarf being the extension) and secure the ends with a rubber band or preferably a scrunchie ( naija terminology = hair ruffle) See Picture below.

 Its said that the silk scarf will help smooth out your hair and make blending of the two textures easy without drying out the hair. It is also a quicker method to achieving a twist out though the curls may not be as tight.

Another variation to my technique is using the popular FLEXI RODS everyone is using to curl their Brazilian hair extensions. They come in different sizes and cost about N1500 for a pack of about 6, they are even Cheaper abroad $3 max will get you a pack. Twist your hair round them, wait for a few hours and you will have your twist out!see picture of flexi rods below;

Don’t worry if you do not get the hang of it the first time, practice makes perfect!! By the time you are done tweeking it to your preferred taste I am sure you will be turning heads! Below are pictures showing the result of a twist out I did in 2010, using flexi rods.

If you try this style, feel free to send pictures of it to on a facebook page for this blog) Thanks for Stopping By!! Drop a comment and feel free to chat on our new feature CBOX Window



  1. I would love to try this! Thanks

  2. nice one. u luk gud in ur curls/twists.shud be cutting off all my remaining relaxed hair soon. hope i'll be able to do it with my natural hair.its not that short too

  3. you should Stels! try it and send me a picture :)

  4. This is awesome! I tried it out, and it did turn out rather nicely.

  5. Love your curls. Would it work for totally natural hair..type 4b or 4c?


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