I Am Going NATURAL!!

Yup I have finally succumbed! It's time to be Au naturale and I am super excited to inform you my dear readers that I have resolved to turn my back away from............artificial hair products!!from now on most of all the products I will use on my hair will be natural products!

I can imagine what's going through my natural hair readers' minds 'thought she was going natural as in turning away from the creamy crack called a relaxer!hissssss' LOL

Well I am still relaxed and plan on staying that way for much longer, when I was younger in secondary school I had natural hair since they made me cut my hair and I hated it!! Seeing so many people go natural has tempted me I won't lie but by the time I remember how stressful combing my hair was I am convinced to remain relaxed, so natural hair ain't my thing but I love the way natural ladies care for their hair and so I have resolved to be relaxed but treat my hair like its natural because at the end of the day, relaxed hair is more fragile due to relaxers and needs all the care it can get!

So from now on I am switching from normal shampoo


It's all natural, has no sulphates which damage and dry hair out. Instead it's a mixture of shea butter,honey, palm kernel oil, aloe Vera juice etc basically all natural goodness! I bought the dudu-osun brand and used it on my hair over the weekend and though it didn't lather as much as shampoo, it's Tuesday and my hair ain't itching me so I'm good!

I have not found a replacement for conditioner but for leave in conditioner I did the switch ages ago to WATER & GLYCERINE mixture in a spray bottle

The hair product I use more than anything else is hair moisturizer, now I can say bye bye profectiv or Organics because I have swapped them for 

Thanks to the natural blog NATURAL NIGERIAN which I found through African naturalista's blog, I learnt how to make this concoction and I am loving it!Let me take you through the steps quickly;

First you heat raw Shea butter placed in a bowl over a pot of boiling water( this method is good so the Shea is not over heated and losses it's nutrients)

When it's melted, you add your essential oils, I added castor, olive, tea tree, coconut, sweet almond and then glycerin

After you add the oils you whisk the mixture preferably with an electric whisk. 

You'l need patience sha, I'm saying this because the impression I got was that the mixture turns white and fluffy soon after you whisk just like making cake but nope, it took the whole day! I whisked initially, it stayed watery and then I left it alone, came back a few hours later whisked it again then it was slightly thicker, hadn't changed color though and I honestly thought that I had done something wrong. Left it alone, checked it in the evening and it had really thickened so I whisked it again that's when it became this thick yummy looking mixture that you can mistake for vanilla ice cream!
When it cools down it goes from looking like this; 

 To this; soft, buttery and above all moisturizing!! Shea butter(ori) can be found in the market and its very affordable!

For coloring I finally found some henna dye in an Indian shop in VI! 
Henna is all natural and not only colors but conditions hair.

For hot oil treatments I will incorporate Indian oils I got from the same store with my usual oils, they are infused with extracts from herbs like neem, amla, tulsi which are all great for healthy hair.

I got a relaxer treatment over the weekend and it went well, by the end of the week I will do one of these treatments and let you know how it goes. For as many of you that want to join the natural club either in my way or the actual way(no more relaxers) please you will be doing your hair great injustice if you do not research before you start. You can start with this post then check out natural blogs like the ones I mentioned, those ladies know what they are talking about, they also sell natural products which I will be patronizing once I get the hang of things, I don't want to be a natural product junkie just yet :)
Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for my next post, feel free to comment or warn me about any of the above products I want to use!



  1. nice one. almost thought you had succumbed.lol

  2. Lol!no oh!how now?uve been Mia in blogsville for sometime, was glad to see a new post from u on your blog!

  3. Loool. I knew it had to be a trick cos you have mastered the art of catering for your relaxed hair so well.

    But one day na one day sha...

    1. Lol, thx :) that day just might come, you never know!

  4. I fell for it, kai! This is a good step though.

    Anyway, wanted to point out that most of those oils in Indian shops are mineral oil based. The one that I have found that isn't is the Vatika Coconut Oil.

    If you have no problem with Mineral Oil, then you don't have a problem. However if you do, you may want to make your own oil infusion. There's a recipe on my blog.

    Also, Jamaican Black Castor Oil has several all natural conditioners. Protein as well as plain moisturizing.

    1. Thanks a lot, I'm not keen on mineral oil oh, will be visiting your market soon So ica make my own infusion. Thanks for the tips :)

  5. lol! u almost had me there! natural nigerian, i'm checking out your blog now.
    when i told a friend about this new post, on how you used dudu osun to wash your hair and the new natural moistureizer, whipped shea butter she said and i quote, "girl ye ko ni kpa wa! ewo tun je shea butter whip it?" LMHO!!
    please, before i forget, location coordinates for the indian store you got the henna and oils from. my mum uses the one that sounds like "amala", sad, i'm too far to nick it from her.

    1. Translation please, I don't understand a word of what your friend said except the English parts and I suspect it will crack me up big time! As for the Indian shop it's called emjays and it's at Sherlaton Hotel on Adeola Odeku street VI. Lol @ Amala! It's called Amla oil. One of the oils above has Amla mixed in it.

    2. so sorry, it means, " this girl wont kill us! which one is shea butter whip it?"

  6. Lol!! That's funny! Tell her it's just the beginning! She will be whipping even more concoctions!

  7. Hi,
    its really nice post. i apprentice for your post. thanks for shearing it with us. keep it up.
    Jamaican Black Castor

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  9. Hi dabs, thanks a lot for this post. I made my own whipped shea butter and it ddnt turn out like this @ all. I'm certain I did something wrong. may be the shea butter I used is too much or something cos it doesn't ve d vanilla color and it's nt as soft as what I c here @ all. Please do u have a recommended measurement in case of next time?

  10. I will try these out. I do suffer from hair itching.


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