Hair and  Air Travel!

As most of you know, I have been doing quite a few air trips this month, flew to Houston from Lagos and in a few days had to fly to LA and just came back from LA to Houston today!! Whew!!

With all this air travel I had to come up with a game plan to protect my hair. You all know how DRY being on the plane for long periods of time is. It's so dry that the hostesses recommend drinking water regularly, so you can imagine what that dry air is doing to your hair!

So in this post I share how I combated the dryness.  First thing I did few days before the trip was an overnight deep conditioning hair treatment infusing hair conditioner and essential oils like olive, coconut, sweet almond and tea tree oil.

Make sure you thoroughly detangle your hair and I mean thoroughly when you wash out the treatment the next day because you won't be touching your hair with a comb till you get to your destination especially if you like me are going on a long flight. In my case 6hrs to France and the 9hrs to Houston! 

With styling I wanted to let my hair down and let it blow in the wind! Who was I kidding! By the time my  8month old baby pulled my hair when he was throwing a fit while we went through security nobody told me to find the nearest restroom to put my hair in a bun; which leads to my next advice- make sure your hair is comfortably styled with your ends properly protected(leaving the ends out especially if they are past your neck is not advisable! What was I thinking!!) 

And always have at least 3 bobby pins stuck  in your hair. It was the bobby pins I used to hold the  bun instead of a hair band because it's less stress and tension on the hair.

Then in a travel sized spray bottle, I mixed glycerin and water. Let me tell you if you do not do anything for your hair during air travel AT LEAST try this step out. I sprayed my hair at least every two hoursfrom root to tip focusing especially on the ends.  For a shorter flight like the LA/Houston 3hrs flight, I'd advice spraying your hair at least once. 

I didn't comb or brush my hair though just used my fingers to smooth my hair out. Combing or brushing would have caused undue stress on my hair especially because the moisture from the water/glycerin mix didn't exactly get sealed that's why I sprayed it so often. I thought of adding oils to the mix but changed my mind because I didnt want my hair to become greasy.

When you finally land, please repeat the overnight  deep conditioning treatment. The water/glycerin mix would have served as a preepoo anyway so just slap on your most conditioning moisturizer, in my case its the 2min hair reconstructor by Aphogee, pop on your shower cap,  tie it down with your silk scarf or bonnet and go to zzzzz land!

I did these steps and my hair did not suffer as much as it has suffered in the past when I just traveled without a plan. Try these steps when next you travel especially long distance and let me know how they work for you!! Thanks to all the ladies that have participated in the hair products sales promo or would I say 'your welcome' to them :) because frankly this is an ample chance for hair savvy readers to get all the hair goodies for their hair! Those still interested feel free to send me an email I might be able to squeeze in your orders.

Hope this post is helpful, catch you on the next one!



  1. I'm so bad. When I'm going for a long flight, I carry my satin scarf and tie my hair!!

  2. I'm so happy I participated. This blog has been so helpful since I decided to start taking care of my hair. I promise to comment more often and stop lurking around behind my screen. Thanks a lot!

  3. hey Dabs,

    i just stumbled on your blog, and i have been looking for someone to advise me (and my sister) on how to take care of my hair.I used to have hair that stretched past my shoulders, but my problems started when i bought a flat iron! i used it all the time (no jokes) and as a result my hair started thinning. i had to cut most of it off, because it was obviously uneven. Now, i am struggling to restore it. it even annoys me to leave it out long enough to treat it, hence my constant weave wearing.

    i have been reading your older posts and the truth is your hair regimen seems stressful, lonnnnnng and impractical with all the rush to go to work in the mornings and the tiredness at night after all the traffic. Isn't there something simple i can do? products i can use easily? simple techniques i can do myself without going to the salon? Sadly, am just seeing this post so i couldn't participate in your sale promo and i need all those products!(sad face). i should probably have emailed you, this comment is way too long.

    please respond when you can.


  4. dabs,happy new month...bin following your blog 4 quite a while....u r good@wat u do..told a friend abt ur blog n she was like it's ur genes n dat i cannot av such hair since as a baby i didnt av much hair.,.do u think so?

    1. Hi Anon! Thanks for your comment! I've heard the 'its in your genes' statement a lot and this is always my response; yes genes play their role in determining what texture of hair you have but everyone's hair grows! If you have a certain texture that is manageable, that prevents your ends from snapping off and breaking so easily it will be easier to retain length but that does not mean that someone with an entirely different texture of hair can't achieve the same results. My hair is coarse, hardly gets relaxed and dries out easily but I know all of this and counter all things I know will break my hair and that's the success of a hair journey. Know your hair texture, make sure that all you are doing Is bringing the best out of your God given texture and your hair will surely grow longer when you retain length. Don't look at another person's hair and put pressure on yourself, your hair will grow at its own rate by first becoming healthy. So the long and short of what I think is, everyone can have healthy And long hair regardless of genes! Genes only makes it easier and faster for some( and I am not part of this group)

  5. Hi Awele, thanks for your comment! I'm surprised you say my regimen is long and impractical, because I am a stress free person,it must be my weekend treats that must have complicated things for you. All I do is moisturizer and seal daily and on weekends I give my hair a treat and that's it oh! The secret to the success is the repetition of he regimen and knowing what works o your hair and that's what my posts are aimed at. At he end of the day it's a journey and you keep figuring things out as you go along, I don't think that's so complicated. I approach hair care like how I approach everything I want to succeed at; dedicate time and effort and results will show. If it was soooo simple the everyone will have hair to their backs but it's obviously not that simple but it also shouldn't be that complicated, what I recommend to you is Stick to the basics, be consistent and your hair will respond.

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