How to know what hair product works!!

So this month has been all about the  products I have gotten for my hair.  When you begin a hair journey you need to know what products and techniques work best for your hair personally. This post has four simple steps I use to determine how I find products that work for my hair to give me desired results.

Step 1- RESEARCH; When you are looking for hair products for your hair, don't be vague about your search, be specific. For example 'my hair tangles a lot, I want a product that will reduce my tangles'. When you have that in focus then you need to start your search, there are so many sources to search from including this blog :). Make google and YouTube your friend, read reviews of products, look at ingredient lists of products and generally be informed about the products you are considering buying.

Step 2- INVEST & EXPERIMENT; When you have done your research don't hesitate to invest in getting the products you have a good feeling about.  Only you can truly find out how the product works for your hair. Hair growth like everything else in life needs assistance  to succeed and hair products are that assistance and it does help that hair products are usually affordable and a considerable amount so you get value for your money.

When you start using a new product, do not be tempted to initially add it to the rest of the stuff you put on your hair, ISOLATE its use for at least 1 week, if it's a daily moisturizer, use just it for 1 week and see how it works for your hair. Does it do all it claims to do? Is your hair left for better or for worse? If your hair is left for worse or has no reaction to the product then you might have to ELIMINATE it!

Do not be in a hurry to eliminate the product just yet! It might not work as a daily moisturizer but it might work as a prepoo before your wash day or a sealant to seal in your favorite moisturizer. So take your time to figure out how your products work FOR YOUR HAIR and not hair in general because no 2 heads of hair are the same. Look at the ingredients, the texture and consistency for clues on how to make it work. If you have tried to figure what to use it for and it's still failing to live up to your expectations, walk away or give it out, don't manage a product that will hurt your hair just because, rather than manage, go back to step 1, start your research and follow through with the other steps.

Hair care is a journey and for me it's fun. All you need to do is take things a step at a time, don't put pressure on yourself by looking at others and go with the flow! I wake up in the morning, say my prayers, brush my teeth, hop in the shower, out the shower, moisturize , deodorize and get dressed, whip out moisturizer for my hair, apply from root to tip, seal with oil, style it, apply makeup, spray on some perfume and my day begins!! It's that easy *wide grin*  

If  more naija ladies change their out look on hair care, there will be fuller, longer, shinier heads of hair on our streets and it will be ALL OURS! Don't give up, naija hair can grow!

Thanks to all those tha participated in the latest hair product sales promo and CONGRATS to Farida, Onyinye, Folake, Yolanda and Jennifer, they are the  5 lucky winners of a free hair accessory to go with their orders. I encourage all readers to partake in upcoming Promos!!



  1. I always follow these steps whenever I want to try a new product, and I think step 2 is key for every hair journey. test the product for yourself and learn how it works for you.

    Yay! I'm glad I participated. thank you,Dabs.

  2. I love that your blog is about your experiences as a natural in Nigeria. As a Ghanaian, born and raised in the U.S. I've only recently 'gone natural'- and find it both encouraging, and amusing to see that we've shared many similar experiences with products and growth. I guess African hair is the same, and the journey doesn't change based on where you start! I have a natural hair care blog and YouTube channel too- check it out, and keep blogging! -Nicole

    1. Thanks NapturalNicole! I'm glad you love my blog, checked yours out too and I'm loving it however I am not 'natural' in the sense that I'm guessing you mean, my hair is relaxed. Hope that doesn't deter you from finding my blog useful as I see you are natural!!


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