Its been a while! If you follow this blog, you will remember that I mentioned that I was going on holiday soon, well I am finally here in the US on holiday and as soon as I got here, I got down to business!

My hair was about 10weeks post relaxer and was due for a touch up, so I decided to use a relaxer I have heard a lot about and was all the rave for sometime called 'Mizani Butter Blends No-Lye relaxer for sensitive scalp'

Using this relaxer confirmed what I ALWAYS say about relaxers, they are ALL the same!!Only difference is wether they are Lye or No Lye simple!! its funny how one of the first questions I get asked  when people see my hair is, what relaxer do you use? Relaxer no be the answer oh!! In fact my experience with this relaxer was so not worth it!! My hair right now is hard as rock and I can't wait to get on with a deep conditioning treatment tonight! The relaxer did relax my hair though but I think it over processed it because I took 30minutes to apply the relaxer since my hair was so due and tangled. 

Thats why I always recommend a deep conditioning treatment a week to relaxer day which I did but the stress of the trip dried out my hair like nothing else! Needless to say I will be going back to my beloved Silk Elements No-Lye Relaxer just because its cheaper and smells better and comes with more goodies!

Anyways, Mizani was not the only hair product that caught my eye, I have turned into a product junkie just these past few days, Lord help me for weeks to come! You see, there is nothing as annoying as when you find a good product for your hair in Naija and you go back to where you bought it and its nowhere in sight!! Thats what happened to me when I went to Ebeanor shopping plaza just before my trip to stock up on the ORS hair repair I told you guys I found there recently; 
So to avoid that happening again, I am on a mission on this trip to stock up on the best products!! Before I came, I did my research focused mainly on hair moisturizers, leave in conditioners and puddings because I find that with shampoos and conditioners you can afford to use any type because you do not use them as often as hair moisturizers and leave in conditioners which are for everyday use. So let me introduce you to my new best friends;
First on your left we have the ELASTA QP OLIVE OIL and MANGO BUTTER, then we have the MANGO OIL AND CUPUACU BUTTER FEATHER WHIPPED CURL CREAM; I found out about these two from KISS on You tube. 

Then in the middle with the Black cover is LUSTRASILK CURL PUDDING ENRICHED WITH ARGAN OIL; saw this, felt its texture, smooth and whipped and decided to give it a try.

In the very middle is AFRICA PRIDE'S SHEA BUTTER MIRACLE PUDDING-  I bought it because of the quantity, never heard of it before but it smells great!! 

Then we have MIXED SILK by my favs SILK ELEMENTS!!Its a leave in conditioner, loves it!!

Then another leave in conditioner by ELASTA QP

Then finally, the much hyped especially in the natural circles; SHEA MOISTURE COCONUT & HIBISCUS CURL ENHANCING SMOOTHIE!! Yum Yum!!

Now here comes the SALE PROMO!! I am giving you my readers in Naija the chance to get any of these products as well as any others you wish as long as you can place an order this week thats from AUGUST 19TH TO AUGUST 26TH by sending an email to I will reply with details on how you can get these and other hair products.

You want to know what's great about this promo? I carefully selected inexpensive products with ingredients that WORK to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. These products are all under $10 thats about N1650!!! Now that's good value for money right there!!
Here are pictures showing my hair after I used these products and before I used them- the difference is 7UP!!


 HURRY AND ORDER NOW, THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO ORDER WILL GET A CUTE HAIR ACCESSORY FROM ME!! Remember all you have is this week because Il be coming back to Naija soon after, take advantage of this window of opportunity and give your hair a treat!!



  1. My dear, when you get the opportunity you have to test the products you've been hearing about. Every time I travel out of Naija, I do the same oh!! Have a safe journey back.

  2. Dabs, I just sent u 2 mails now. Please check and reply :)


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