How is everyone doing? I am really feeling the love from you my readers and I thank you all immensely for the support! Your the reason I keep blogging!!

Well Friday the 22nd was my hubby's birthday and though  we were not going out, we had friends and family over and of course that meant I had to look good and rep my man properly!!!*wide grin*

So I decided to play with my hair a little and I came up with this fancy, simple, elegant style I'd like to share here.

 By now I am sure you all know how much I Love big braids, it all started from my wedding!! since then I find every excuse to revamp this hair style. Let me take you through how I achieved this look.

First I parted the front part of my hair to the side like this;

Then I braided the front section into one big braid and pinned it at the back;

To make it look even bigger, I tugged the braid which made it fatter and flatter( making it a pancake braid)

Then I smooth out my edges and put the rest of the hair in a top knot with the knot fanned out as much as possible;

Because my ends were sticking out, I wrapped them round the hair ruffle like this but if your ends won't stick out, leave some hair out of the knot and wrap that hair round the ruffle, it gives it a more sophisticated look;

AND VIOLA!! Simple, uncomplicated but pretty (if I may say so myself)! My hubby loved it :)

 What do you think of this hair stlyle? Is it something you would try out? You do not need long hair for this style o, as long as your hair can be in a ponytail, you are good to go!!

Anyways that's the end of my post, I just wanted to update you guys on what I have been up to hair wise. Thanks to all those who have entered the NHCG GIVEAWAY, for those interested, there is still time to enter before the month ends!! Till my next post; Take Care!



  1. Very sophisticated looking!! And so easy. Now to improve my braiding skills.


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