My weekend hair treat; Henna, Honey/Conditioner smoothie and Bantu knots!

How was the weekend? This weekend I gave my hair a little TLC! You see, let me confess, I put my hair in a top knot/bun on Wednesday last week and literally ignored it till Saturday! All I did while it was in the bun was spritz my water and glycerin mixture all over the hair and brush the edges!some times ignoring your hair like that can be beneficial to it because you are not combing and brushing and loosing hair BUT if you make the ignorance permanent thats when you will cause wahala!

Any ways back to my weekend, so Saturday morning came by and I mixed what was left of the first bag of henna I bought with an egg 

 sectioned my hair and slapped it on from root to tip, covered my hair with a paper bag and then my shower cap and lounged about the house for 3 hours. This concoction was recommended to me by the Indian lady at the Indian shop where I bought the henna from plus I did some research and I  must say, henna is all the rave in the natural hair community o! Apparently it's also a great protein treatment, hmm protein and condition all in one! Love it; as you know Im the girl with relaxed hair that treats it as natural hair :)

When the 3hours were up, I mixed some pure honey with the TRESemme anti breakage conditioner I bought at Target(basically any good conditioner is fine)  and slapped that on my hair too, loved the yummy smell. I am just calling it a smoothie for efizzy!*wide grin*

Then I allowed my hair to air dry and when it was almost dry decided to do a Bantu knot which I have not done in ages! 
I sectioned my hair into 2 sections, moisturized my hair with my whipped Shea butter 

then applied a pea size amount of TRESemme curl hydration which I love( just saw it, got it, never read a review and It works great for creating soft bouncy curls plus it's not expensive)

LOVE THE CONSISTENCY(light and moisturizing)

Then I twisted the section from root to tip and then all around so it formed a knot, then I tucked the ends away but you can use pins for a more secure hold. I created 6 knots, wore my satin bonet and went to bed. 

The next morning, I loosen the knots; the 2 in front loosened themselves overnight :(  I spritz over the hair my water glycerin mixture and used my fingers to shake things up at the roots, flipped my head from side to side and ended up with soft beach wavy hair just as though I did a twist out! 

Not bad, at least I gave my hair the acknowledgment it was seeking!lol

Did u show your hair some TLC? Let me know below. This week I'm working on my protective hairstyle look book post for inspiration to readers looking for protective styles so stay tuned!



  1. your hair looks so soft and shiny. and i know that honey+tressemme is a good combo, i love that or olive oil! btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)♥

  2. cool, thanks for joining my blog and commenting! now going over to your's :)

  3. Hello Dabs, I am so glad I found your blog and I have practically been addicted ever since, reading up almost every post. I love the way you simplify these hair care matters. Earlier this year, I did a BC because I had severe relaxer damage which cut my hair so bad, I was almost bald in front. I am now completely natural and trying to grow my hair and take care of it better than I did before. So blogs like yours have really helped encourage and educate me. God bless you o!

    Now, please pardon my ignorance, but I have some questions related to this post. After the 3hours of DC with the henna mix, did you wash or just rinse the mix out before adding the honey and conditioner mix?

    Also, what's your take on washing or not washing hair before DCing? I have read some posts which advocate not washing the hair. I am a bit confused because I thought the traditional/normal way was to wash the hair first then apply the DC treatments which will then be rinsed out?

    PS: Sorry about the long epistle comment :-)

    1. Hi Adele, thanks for your support! Now to your questions; actual washing of hair with shampoo is overrated and one of the first things I learnt when I started my journey was that you do not have to use a shampoo to cleanse your hair. Aside from non sulphate shampoos, shampoos tend to dry out hair and strip off it's natural oils, basically over cleaning hair so the answer is ; No I didn't shampoo/ wash my hair after the henna mx was rinsed out and I didn't wash it before or after I did the honey and conditioner mix either and My scalp was still clean. These days I shampoo with dudu osun black soap. Hope this reply helps

  4. Hi! Thanks for the response it really helped resolve the questions I had. I've read somewhere (possibly from you) about using dudu osun to wash hair. I'll try it out too since I can't find sulphate free shampoo here in abuja and I've also noticed the drying effects of regular shampoo. God bless you!


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