How's everyone doing? Hope the May Challenge is not getting the better of you.My hair has been thriving with this challenge and I have been focused on doing more interesting styles with my hair as protective styles and will be showing them off to you guys soon but in the mean time, Ive put this post up to address a hair issue that was brought to my attention by one of my readers.

She complained that her hair was too light and not full enough to pull off different hair styles. So I gave her the usual advice of using castor oil to thicken her hair but in the mean time rather than brood over how light her hair was in an updo for instance, she could simply Tease it!

How do you think Models on the runway have big voluminous hair like this;

Teasing is easy and can be very effective in making hair appear fuller if done properly. It is especially useful if you have fine, light hair. Have you ever seen a girl with just 10 strands of hair dangling helplessly in a ponytail just like mine in 2009?

Not a pretty sight!Well I learnt how to mask all that lack of hair with Teasing. A gentle tease at the pony tail and the ends tucked away in a bun can make all the difference. Let me show you how;

You will need a brush like this; 
A specially tailored teasing comb or any rat tail comb is fine also.

The next step is to section your hair and either spray on a little hair spray for extra hold or skip that step as I did(of course all this should be done with moisturized and sealed hair), then gently use the brush to brush the roots of your hair in a downward motion(towards your roots) giving the roots added volume.

When you are done with that section, you can work your way to another section, then another but leave the hair around your edges alone because you will use them to cover the teased sections to completely create the illusion of fullness. The result is hair that goes from looking like this;Flat and fine(in some cases)

To hair that is fuller and looks like this;

You can finish off the look by simply tucking your ends away to create an elegant updo;

So there you have it, a styling solution for light or fine hair textures and its as easy as 1,2,3. When loosening the teased roots, all you will need is your wide tooth comb and water/glycerin mixture or detangler. Spray your roots and gently comb them out and everything should be fine. If you have fine hair or you just want a more pronounced updo or ponytail, try teasing out and let me know if it works for you and don't worry too much about breakage, its your roots we are focusing on, they are still strong and as Naija peps will say kampe, so no shaking!! 

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Photo Credit;Glamcheck.com


  1. Tag! You're it. I just awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award." Check my latest blog post for more info

    1. Awwww that's nice! Thanks, now off to your blog for full details :)

  2. Def works for me..my ponytail looks like the pic u put up of u in 2009..although that's a major improvement..thanx to your blog..so I just fake full hair by airdrying and then teasing the roots..then hiding the ends in a bun..and it always gets me compliments..from friends who know/knew my hair..lols..thanx so much..iv encouraged my godsister and cuzns to follow your blog..cos they were asking how my hair got so good..(terrible hair runs in d family)..I hv taken it upon myself to educate them as u hv done 4 me..thanx


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