The war against POST PARTUM hair shedding!


Location; Daboju's Scalp

Mission; Get excess shedding of my hair caused by postpartum shedding under full control!

From my research, this occurrence is natural, when you get pregnant, your estrogen levels increase and this affects your hair and nails. In most people you experience increase in growth of both hair and nails; in my case I definitely noticed my hair was fuller but now I have had my baby, my hair is shedding :(   BUT Fear not! I am up for the challenge! I have few strategies in place to make sure that this shedding does not take me back on my hair journey and that I am able to sustain the progress I am presently enjoying.

Strategy 1; Lieutenant General Castor Oil comes to the rescue! Since I noticed the shedding increase, I have  Started oiling my scalp DAILY section by section with castor oil. I have stressed enough the benefits of castor oil, oiling my scalp with it will definitely affect the quality of the strands of hair that grow from my scalp as this oil is proven to thicken hair strands.

Strategy 2; Major Moisturizer; to avoid added breakage with all the shedding going on my hair most remain soft and manageable. That's my moisturizers job, of course my conditioner has to work with my moisturizer to ensure maintained moisture on my ends ( the area that needs it most) And then as usual I follow up with sealing. Rinses like the Black tea rinse will also be incorporated in my weekend regimen, benefits of this tea have been stated in my ' Open your refrigerator post' in my archives.

Strategy 3; Sergeant Scissors has to remain on duty. I am sure you are asking yourselves what sense it makes to use scissors on already shedding hair. Well let me ask you to do a quick easy exercise; comb your hair straight, then pass your fingers  through your ends as if you are finger combing your ends, if your fingers pass through your well combed hair with ease, then you do not need to trim your hair ends yet but if your fingers get all tangled in your hair especially after several tries then your hair URGENTLY needs a trim. 

While this is just a rough test, it has worked for me. I said in my relaxer post that I will try and stay away from scissors but that has not been possible, since then I have put scissors in my hair at least 3 times! And for good reason! Trimmed ends tangle considerably less because the ends are sharp. I am not asking you to cut inches off your hair that will defeat the purpose of a hair journey but 'dusting ' your ends which is just taking little bits of your ends off can greatly reduce hair loss. The process is gradual and might look insignificant but it is worthwhile in the end; Split ends will be in check and tangles especially at your ends will reduce thereby reducing the tendency for your comb to pull out more hair.

My final Strategy for this war is to keep Brigadier Prenatal Medicine close by. I must confess I HATE swallowing pills but since I noticed the impact my prenatal medicine was having on my hair, nails, skin I will be the first to tell you, it works. It has vitamins A, all the B vitamins, Vit C, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, in fact all the good stuff to keep your hair healthy and strong. I recommend prenatal meds for all women of child bearing age.

Oh well I have come to the end of this war strategy briefing and I hope this post will be of help to as many new mothers out there who want to keep their hair mostly shedding free!

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  1. But can we just take the pills even if we aren't pregnant or aren't planning it anytime soon? Will it still help?

  2. Hey kimi thanks for your comment, it is ok to take prenatals even if you are not planning to get pregnant, they are just vitamins all in one pill so it's like taking multi vitamins and yes it will help your hair.

  3. hiya dabs! lol1 yes o! Hair Wars: Part 1. @kimi you took the question from my mouth. however, dabs, a pharmacist friend said it will make me add serious weight. my question is, what about co liver oils, eg 7 seas?

  4. Wow, you had zero hair shedding? Thats so cool.
    I'll worry about the pregnancy bit when I have to cross that bridge

  5. Nice tips, and I'm sure they'll help either pregnant or not.

  6. lol@ Jambudu! yes oh real war! I don't know about prenatals making you add weight tho. Ill research that. Thanks for your comments ladies!

  7. Thank you. Dabs for referring me to this link!please,can you recommend any brand of moisturizer? I'm to check bak at my local beauty store for d castor oil,il do more trims and go check my shelf for my prenatal hair was sooo full in pregnancy!thankfully it didn't shed as much as when I had my first baby! thanks a lot!

  8. Please Dabs,my daughter's hair keeps breaking,refuses to grow. What treatment do u recommend? Thanks

  9. Hi my hair is thinning out from the depo shot what can I do or use to save what's left of it?

  10. Please can you recommend a moisture conditioner for me?

  11. Wat abt pple who are nt child bearers for now, in regards to d pill


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