How's everyone doing? hope all is well in your parts of the world!! I am always excited when I check my blog stats and see that I have readers from all over even as far as India!! Thanks for all your support guys, you keep me coming back here.

Now to the topic at hand, I have never been shy about condemning hair gels and spritz, I have even gone as far as saying that using hair gels is sooooo 90's, so I am sure you are wondering why I have a post dedicated to a product review of a hair gel! Well truth is I have seen the light! Ecostyler Gel has been a recurring recommended product for most natural hair divas on you tube and anytime I watched it being used, I used to just been like 'yuck! it looks so gooey and will definitely make hair hard as rock and unmanageable. I thought the fact that it looked like all other normal gels meant it would be like normal gel UNTIL my sister bought a similar non alcoholic gel by 'Proclaim' and I tried it one day and was impressed! My edges stayed sleeked down, yet my hair was not hard as rock. Thus I set out to buy my own gel, that's when I came across this big tub of ECOSTYLER GEL WITH OLIVE OIL;

And my dear sister I no go tell you lie, this gel is AWESOME!! It does its job which is to sleek down your hair especially your edges but does not weigh down your hair or render it immovable! your hair can still be brushed, pulled back or left down. Check out my results (my hair is 4weeks post relaxer and it looks like I just got a relaxer!)

Like every thing in life, this product has its pros and cons of course! The major pro about this product is that it  is alcohol free, hence I call it the 21st Century Gel! It also helps that it has good hold and that it contains olive oil which is moisturizing. Oh its also great value for money, this huge tub was just about 5dollars at Sally's Beauty. Using this gel might also allow you stretch your relaxer for longer weeks as it will keep your edges in check. 

Its Cons are that it can get a bit flaky IF you pack on too much also if you are constantly applying gel to your edges and brushing them, you might end up brushing them out of your scalp strand by strand without taking notice till it is too late, so I advice you either get a very soft bristle brush or a tooth brush which you will use on your edges to apply the gel or you simply stick to using your fingers.

I have come to the  end of this post; hope it helps anyone who had given up on gels like I had. There are still some good ones out there like the ECOSTYLER STYLING GEL WITH OLIVE OIL. Try it out and let me know how it goes for ya!



  1. Hi! I've looked through most of your posts and I must say that you have highlighted a lot of the things I do wrong with my hair. I've noticed that my hairline is starting to recede on the sides, particularly since I started putting my hair in braids with extensions. As a child, my hair was always more scanty at the front but it wasn't this bad. So I was thinking about using Castor oil as you suggested in one of your posts. I want to know, won't this build up too much in my hair and cause breakage(bear in mind I don't get to wash my hair every week because of the braids)? If I apply it once, do I wash it out after some hours or do I use it as a hair cream to be left in? Also, do you have any other recommendations for growing hair and reducing split ends and dandruff? Thanks.

    Yh, I know, I'm having MAJOR issues with my hair right now, especially because the weather has gotten really bad in my side of the world. lol.

  2. I've also been watching some videos on youtube and came across this gel a couple of times. Will try to find it.

  3. clip in hair extensions
    It's really great! Very healthy... I haven't tried other Spiezia items, so if you do let me know how you get on'!!

  4. Hi.... Thanks for this post. I have seen most natural hair ladies use this product to curl their hair. Do you think it would curl relaxed hair? I love your blog... Thanks for catering to ladies like us who have decided togrow our relaxed hair. Good job!

  5. This is the east gel ever. I use the organ oil, though. I wish I knew of your blog long before now. I could have started my HHJ long ago.


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