how are you all doing? sorry for my absence, I have been changing time zones! I am back to Lagos after 4months of being in Texas, glad to be back!!For those who do not know me on a personal level, I have a two month old baby and the other day when I was giving him a wash, what did I see on his scalp?!! Pityriasis Capitis!!Those are just scientific words for the dreaded DANDRUFF!!( I am just trying to get your attention LOL), I instantly purchased some baby shampoo for the dandruff(used to use just  the baby wash on his hair) now the Dandruff is gone. This led me to do more research on this issue that plagues so many peoples hair even in adulthood! I think for Dandruff sufferers, knowing these ten things might just help you work out a way to deal with it.

1.First fact to note is that Dandruff is flaking of dead skin cells that form on the scalp and this occurs on every one's scalp but for Dandruff sufferers, the flaking of the scalp occurs quite frequently and in larger amounts; BOTTOM LINE; Its not a disease per say, your scalp is just hyper active!!

2.Having Dandruff might be hereditary, so feel free to inquire from older family members like your grand mother for instance. they might reveal ancient secrets on  how to deal with it.

3.Dandruff might be an indication of underlying stress or an even more severe ailment  like seborrheic dermatitis (look it up), so if you are treating it and it still persists and there are no signs its hereditary, see a doctor.

4.Speaking of treating, one of the most common methods of treating Dandruff is buying an anti-dandruff shampoo; like Selsun Blue

 In an article I read, it stated that anti dandruff shampoos focus on different things depending on their make up. Those that are coal tar based treat scalp diseases and those made with selenuim sulfide or ketoconazole focus on treating fungus. Then there are shampoos with salycilic acid which help remove dandruff patches. Basically what this means is, identify wha type of Dandruff you have and make sure in buying a shampoo to treat it, you read the ingredients on the bottle and choose accordingly.

5.Did you know that having Dandruff can be an indication that you just might be suffering from malnutrition? Don't wait till all the bones on your rib cage are showing or on the flip side, till you cannot climb a few stairs without panting profusely because of your weight. Work on having a healthy balanced diet and your dandruff might just disappear.

6.The WORST thing to do when you have dandruff is scratch your scalp like there is no tomorrow!! you will end up with an infected scalp and unnecessary wounds. If your scalp is itching you, resist the urge to scratch , instead tap the spot gently and wash your hair regularly( at least once a week) to avoid buildup.

7.The BEST oil to use for your hair while treating Dandruff  is Tea tree oil;
 I purchased a bottle some time last year in the US and used it with my other oils for hair treatments and I just love it, on its own it has a very nice herbal, ginseng type smell that just makes you feel relaxed, great for aromatherapy; so it serves 2 purposes, treating your scalp and cooling down your nerves! Great!!

8.If dandruff shampoos are not giving you the desired results, you can incorporate actual cortisone based creams used for skin conditions on your affected scalp BUT thread carefully, ask a dermatologist and make sure you listen to your hair(yup you read right!! depending on how your hair responds to the cream it will be either saying 'keep it up mami' or 'girl you better not bring that cream anywhere near me again!!')

9.AVOID excessive use of hair gel, spritzs, alkaline soaps and anything that will dry your scalp further.

10. Finally DO NOT wash your hair everyday!! I read that in an article giving suggestions to at home dandruff remedies and I instantly knew the writer was not knowledgeable on this topic at all! If you wash your hair everyday in the bid to get the dandruff to go what you will do is strip off your scalp from its natural oils which actually keep dandruff at bay. the result would be a scalp that is dry with more dandruff. But I know this last point is not even for most naija babes, everyday keh!! Its a big deal for most babes to wash their hair every week then I am talking about everyday. LOL Well I just put this point out there just in case anyone did  further research on this topic and read that you had to wash your hair every day, saving you the hassle of even considering the thought!!

Hope these 10 Things about Dandruff will help anyone suffering from those white flaky monsters!! Thanks for stopping by, Drop a comment, ask me a question and ill gladly respond.



  1. Very educative. Dandruff was a big problem for me last year and I kept itching it. It was hell!

  2. Awww hope you have overcome it, if not hope my tips help :)

  3. Thanks Dabs..I know dis is an older post,but I'm just reading it. I used to have a lot of dandruff problems before,but I've been able to manage it with Haicneal Dandruff conditioner. It's compound ketoconazole for dandruff. It can be found in supermarkets,pharmacies or Salons. I hope this helps someone too.

  4. First time here.... My 4 months old daughter has dandruff, I believe hers it's hereditary cos her father has it bad....he is always on lowcut and uses shampoo always...at first someone said it was cradle cap not dandruff, she suggested dentinox shampoo, whenever I don't use it for 2 days, my baby pulls her hair cos it itches. Please what did you use for your baby?


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