So today was Whitney Houston day! I watched her very intimate home going service held in her hometown Church in New Jersey, I enjoyed every bit of it, sometimes smiling, other times crying as different people came and gave their speeches. After that, I watched the 2010 BET Honors where she was honored, I just fell in love all over again with Ms Whitney, she was just a natural! A Diva personified, though she had her personal struggles   something inside of me makes me at peace about her passing because above all, she knew the Lord!!

Now that her pictures are all over the place I must say Ms Whitney Houston was one funky woman hairwise. This picture of Whitney  in 1985 thrilled me the most;

 She rocked this bold blonde mane like only a Diva can and I am loving it!  
Then when she received her first Grammy, she abandoned the ringlet like curls and went for a more blown out bold big hair look, very apt for the 80's;

In the 90's Whitney changed up her look and decided to go shorter, she first went curly and really short; LOVE the blonde highlights in front!!
Then she went a bit darker, straightened and flipped out with wispy bangs in front.... so 90's I remember a lot of stars with flipped out ends Monica and all those girls from girl bands;

By the time the New Millennium was around the corner, she embraced curls again wearing them usually at neck length and looking oh so gorgeous all the time;
                                           Sometimes she had hair in looser curls but still textured;
But however the state of her hair was, when ever she was on stage, she sang her heart out touching us all with the words from her songs! She will always be in our hearts! Naija Hair Can Grow salutes WHITNEY HOUSTON; HAIR ICON OF THE CENTURY!!

Love Always,