Hiya, Valentine's day is here again and I just might be able to sort you out hair wise :)

So it's 7am on valentine's day morning and your hubby decides he wants to bring you breakfast in bed, don't lay there with your hair in a hair scarf looking rugged, get out of bed and at least put your hair up in a cute messy updo!

 It's quick, easy and very stylish! I have a post on how to achieve a top knot in my January archives!

I watched the Grammy's yesterday and I LOVED Alicia Keys hair style

and I think its the perfect hairstyle to recreate if you guys are going to a sophisticated dinner in an upscale, fancy restaurant. I took my time to recreate the hair style for those interested.
 The first step is; to smooth the sides of your hair like this

Step 3 is to divide the front section of your hair;
 Step 3 is to twist the front section and pin it to the back, also twist the back of your hair and tuck it in or braid it down like Alicia Keys does;

And Viola;

Another hair style you can consider for that special outing with the love of your life is this side braid with a swoop Jennifer Hudson is rocking;

Part your hair on the side and swoop the front section and pin it down;
Braid the ends down and hold the it with a hair elastic;

Whatever you do, look gorgeous for that special someone in your life, I know I will  :)
I have come to the end of my valentine hair guide post, hope you enjoyed it, feel free to recreate any of these styles and post on the naija hair can grow Facebook group, make sure to give it your own twist! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Girl you're rily good at this hair thing. You're making me want to go back to relaxer.lol

  2. Lol! Thx girl, I say do what's best for your hair, if the natural hair is not reporting, relaxed hair is still an option and it can be healthy too


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