I have been loving the ombre hair celebrities have been rocking lately;

 You see the color bug is seriously after me but I know the commitment that comes with permanent hair coloring and frankly I am not ready for that especially having ombre hair! Coloring the tips of my hair which is the oldest and most fragile part of my hair is just not a good idea. So I did some brainstorming and I came up with an Idea!! Why not buy temporary hair color spray and sray my tips!!

So off I went to Sally's beauty and bought temporary hair color spray

 I put a paper bag under the tips of my hair to prevent the color from staining my top

And then I went for it, spraying just the tips of my hair and I must say, though the spray didn't give me exactly blonde tips, I was happy with the results and the fact that there's no commitment with this spray. The results below;

Oh well that's my safe attempt at having ombre hair!!! tell me what you think, thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Very nice. Dunno if i can get in Nigeria :(

  2. Thanks for the comment, will look around when I'm back and let you know :)


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