What's in your HAIRDROBE?

You know how on Youtube there are videos of ladies showing what's in their wardrobe or sometimes their bag? Well I decided to do a post that focuses on the main things that should be in your 'HAIRDROBE' and the things that shouldn't be if you want to record any kind of progress hair wise.

Let's begin with Cleansing;

If you have read enough of my posts you will know that I place a lot of emphasis on hair conditioning! So what's a HAIRDROBE without a good Hair Conditioner;

It's even more important than a shampoo also beneficial for cleansing are oils that help with dandruff if you suffer from it to soothe your scalp; peppermint oil, virgin olive oil and coconut oil should be staples in your HAIRDROBE.

For detangling those knots; stock up on glycerin or hair detangler like the mane and tail detangler they work great as I have stated before. You must alsohave a wide tooth comb;

For styling you will need the basic hair moisturizer in lotion form and oil as sealant;

 If want to do a twist out or curls you will need some hair mousse;

 What to avoid in styling; hair spritz , hair gels, hair sprays especially containing alcohol, I used hair spray recently and regretted immediately, couldn't wait to wash my hair! Tiny rat tail combs are also a NO NO! They should only be used when you are getting a relaxer or want to part your hair, if you want your edges to lay down flat add a toothbrush to you HAIRDROBE!

For your ponytails and hair updo's, get some ouch less hair elastics

NOT those ones with joints like this one I used to use (pinky promise I don't use it again)LOL

The joints on the hair elastics can get caught up in your hair as you take them out and cause unnecessary breakage. Rubber bands are a major NO NO! please don't even think about using those on your hair!

Hair/ bobby pins are the best to keep your hair in place

They are even better than hair elastics because they don't cause as much stress on your ends but if the tip of the pin is no longer protected, throw it away because the sharp ends can cause unwanted breakage.

For Hot hair tools; every HAIRDROBE should have a few hot tools to be used as rarely as possible but still needed all the same. A 1 inch straightener like this one I just purchased is ideal for medium to longer length hair;

 for those shorter lengths around the nape area, you might consider getting an even smaller inched straightener.  My 1 inch straightener came with this smaller straightener which I love for my shorter lengths and they are also great if you just want to focus on getting your roots straight.

A curling iron is what you will need for soft curls, there are those with clamps and the new type without clamps like this one below; perfect for spiral, beach wave looking curls.

  The most important thing to note with using hot tools is making sure they are ceramic coated and making sure you use a good heat protectant, I am loving the TRESemme heat tamer spray. Leaves curls soft and luscious!

Heatless curls? Get some Flexi rods, they come in different sizes and are perfect for curls,

You can also add foam rollers to your HAIRDROBE, you can sleep in them and the curls come out perfect except of course if you sleep like a crazy person! Still on the topic of sleeping, you should think of getting a satin pillowcase or scarf/bonnet, it will help keep your hair from drying out.

I have come to the end of this post, most of the essentials I have stated here, I have brought them to you guys attention before but I just thought it'd be better to put everything in one post for hair journey beginners. Your HAIRDROBE should be as unique as you so feel free to get hair accessories like hair grips, bands, scarfs, clips that go with your personal style. Hope my plenty grammar has helped someone! I am working on an exciting post for the day before Valentines to guide all the lovers in the house hair wise can't wait to put it up! I am also getting a relaxer on Sunday, can't wait to give you guys a hair update, things are looking up!

Thanks for stopping by and I see I have 2 new members! Thanks guys for joining the naija hair can grow ride! You are in great company :)



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  2. Helppp! I just got a relaxer treatment 2 weeks ago and i realized the ends of the hair are badly damaged. my hair keeps breaking. dont know what to do. i moisturize and oil my hair with either coconut oil or castor/coconut oil or castor/olive oil everyday. last saturday i did a avocado hair mask treatment. im so sad! lol.

    any advice?

  3. first don't panic,you didnt tell me the moisturizer you use, if its just oils you are using then you are just SEALING your hair that's why is probably breaking. get a good moisturizer and focus on doing conditioning treatments, I always follow up my relaxer with either a protein based or conditioner based treatment. check my post on how to relax naija hair in my June 2011 archive

  4. i use the organics shea butter plus dry hair and oil moisturizer.

    thanks!!! i'll defs be doing a protein treatment this weekend.

    your blog is awesome by the way. fantastic tips!

  5. thx Chi!much appreciated!

  6. I spent so much searching for u since I watched you on spice tv. I'm glad I've found u now and won't let u go unless you bless me. Lol


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