I am pleased to let you all know that I finally got around getting my first video ever on my You tube channel specifically for this post!! I was trying to do my usual picture postings with descriptions but how do you describe a combing technique, it just wasn't working so I decided to do a video. it's my first ever so please ignore any glitches or lighting problems... I will improve with time I am sure. Thanks to the 3 new readers of my blog!
much appreciated!

As I stated in the video you need 3 main products to effectively comb your hair; water and glycerin mixture for your roots, hair moisturizer and leave in conditioner for the rest of your hair focusing on the ends.

With one hand, you hold your sectioned hair and with the other you comb out the ends gently and detangle, then you go to the roots and detangle them also before you comb through the section till the ends. Simple!! And as you can see in the video hardly any strand of hair came out. This was damp,8weeks old hair that could be filled with knots and tangles but with proper combing, your hair will hardly break and you will be able to retain length which is essential for hair growth.

The most important part of this technique is hold your hair with one hand while the other hand uses the comb through your hair, this is because your hand prevents the comb from pulling out the hair from the roots as you detangle. So please do not ignore that step

Hope you enjoy the video and you learn the 2012 Combing Technique, let me know if it works for you, natural sisters this applies to you too. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Good video concept but we still need pictures for some of us browsing with BB fones. you need to see my hair. Barely a month since i started your daily and weekly regimen and it has stopped shedding and got very good texture. keep it up!!!!!

  2. Thx Lilac for the observation, will try to put up pics next time for BB Phone users

  3. Hey, I just tried out this technique and I was so impressed! Took out my 6 week old braids, moisturised and sealed my hair. I also did a plain deep conditioning treatment. Usually when I take out extensions, I have HUGE clumps of hair coming out! With this the breakage reduced greatly. I was so pleased! Lol

    About to begin my hair journey. I'm hoping to see great improvements before the end of the year. + no more brazilian blow outs for me. It just leaves my hair so dry and brittle as a result my hair is constantly shedding. Anyways I will defs be trying your tips. Wish me luck. :D

  4. Thanks,glad this technique worked for you, I definitely wish you luck with your hair journey but from all indications your already on the right track :)

  5. Very educative dabs, thanks for all your tips. Definitely going to try this out and big well done with your blog. You're really inspiring alot of us to take care of our crown of Glory. xx

  6. Aww thanks Anonymous, inspiring Naija ladies is the aim :)

  7. Dear Dabs, thank you very much for sharing, I have been hooked on your blog for a bit and I have sent the link to over 40 ladies in my age bracket wrestling with thinning hair. I assumed it was age, now I know it is carelessness. I need to trust my own ability to handle my hair. I would love to attend your November Do. Once again, thank you. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Dabs, y didn't I see this video last week :(, took out a weave had it for about 4 weeks and i'm bout 14 weeks post relaxer,the hair that fell out is more than wat some people have on their entire head chei!! (not making fun of people o), I did a hot oil treatment co-washed then had a protein treatment left that in for bout an hour rinsed it out with black tea and cold water, I waited for the hair to dry then I applied the aphogee tea something something (forgot the name) started to de-tangle but I still lost a lot of hair, please what did I do wrong? please reply pretty please

  9. Wia can we get the water and glycerin mixture please?


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