TOP KNOT 2012!!

Its been a minute!how are you all doing? Well I am well, just taking each day a step at a time. I wanna start out by saying, I FEEL LEFT OUT!!!!*CRYING PROFUSELY*

WHY? Well I have noticed that most bloggers are in blogging communities, know themselves, meet up and pretty much do fun stuff. I am on the other hand all by myself in this blog world well because I pretty much stumbled upon blogging and my interest when I began this blog wasn't blogging for the sake of it but an actual need to get hair information to as many that wanted it. Now most of my information is out there, I wanna have fun with this blogging thing, I want to sit back and read interesting blogs, make comments, share ideas and pretty much have fun!! So dear readers please suggest fun blogs for me to check out, blogs about fashion, style and of course hair!!

Now back to my topic, I love the TOP KNOT  because its very top modelish and I have devised  3ways to wear a top knot below. First the basics

Tilt your head upside down and brush it together 

Put the hair all up in a high pony tail;

Use a tooth brush and smooth out your edges gurl!!

 Now to TOP KNOT 1; The Careless Abundance Knot

Twist your ends round like this;
AND  This is the result;


Divide your ends into two, twist the two sections;

Twist the two sections together and pin them to the base of the ponytail;

VARIATION; Leave the back section out and just hold up half of your hair;


First you divide our ends into four sections and pin curl each section;


 So there you have it, 3 fun ways to get your Top Knot rocking in 2012. Let me know what you think of this hair style, which knot do you like the most? Thanks for stopping by!1



  1. Hiya dabs!
    The Top Knot, has been a signature look of mine since last year summer. I just love its stylish simplicity. I'd been trying to figure out styles to do with it. I really like the last 3 styles. The first one is my normal knot. Lol! Time to experiment!
    In respect to your interest to other blogs, there are a few I keep up with, like modern african cuisine; lagos fashion police; preston bailey (that's a wedding/events website, due to my line of work as an events planner) mulachi magazine blog etc. You can google blogs in areas of your interest and select what you feel suits you.

  2. thx girl!!Im loving the lagos fashion police blog, sounds interesting!!will check them all out, thx again!

  3. Try Nikkisho, Natural Nigerian, Afican Naturalistas, Deep Kinky, ScrewyHaired Girl, O'Naturals.....I am sure some of them have other links within them.
    And of course mine; It has nothing to do with hair or fashion of course...just everyday type stories and synopsis.

  4. Thanks Honey Dame, I will definitely check out your blog and the ones you mentioned :)

  5. hello dabs

    Am a major stalker on your blog.

    Neways am just starting my HHJ and you can visit my blog @


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