Hey People!! Welcome to the month of December! Can't believe it, the year is almost over! I am truly grateful to God for everything!!Well this month also marks 6months after my major hair cut in June below;

 I can't wait to get a relaxer in about 2weeks to see if my hair finally has landed on my bra strap although I am not too confident about that because I have gotten several trims within the 6months when I felt my ends were getting too uneven but I'm probably going to be close to bra strap, fingers crossed!!

Now to my topic, a while back I was just browsing through the New York Fashion Week 2011 pictures and  a hair trend caught my eye!!It was the models for Tracy Reese's runway show for spring 2012 that caught my fancy. They had the most trendy hair styles that look so easy to achieve but give off sophistication and style, so 2012! I have a few of my favorite looks below;

Unknown to me that this half coiffed/half left down hair style was trending, months ago I did something similar to this hair trend on my hair to church.

Funky minds think alike :)

                                                                       LOVES IT!!!
Ever trendy Rihanna has also been spotted with her version of this hair trend;

When I get my hair relaxed, best believe I will be experimenting more with this hairstyle. Its great for a dinner out, weddings or any time you just want to look funky and chic. Let me know if you like this hair style or want a tutorial!!That'l be all for this post, enjoy the holidays!!! 

*Photo credit; Essence

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