Its been a while since I came on here, to all my faithful readers that have been waiting on new content, please pardon me! This post is just to give you an update on my hair after my last relaxer treatment for the year 2011!!This year has been a good year for my hair, I finally mastered the art of keeping a regimen and though I had some trials and errors with hair products and had to get a major trim in June that set me back from my goal for Bra Strap Length (BSL) hair. But as I always tell myself, I rather have full healthy shorter hair than long limpy hair so after I cut my hair in June from APL(Arm Pit Length);

To about past SL (Shoulder Length);
I kept up with my daily and weekend regimens, deep conditioning treatments, hair masks, I dusted my ends from time to time to avoid having to do a major hair trim again and then stretched my relaxer treatments to at least 9 to 10 weeks and to my excitement my hair has never felt more healthy!! Last week I relaxed it with Optimum Care relaxer kit;
And theses were the results;
                                              My Ends are alot fuller than they were in June!

I am few inches away from Bra Strap Length, should be there by my next relaxer treatment(fingers crossed)
The Longest bits of my hair actually graze my bra strap but I will press on patiently till all my hair is bra strap!! :)
So you see, growing hair is no magic, its not overnight or automatic, it takes patience, consistency and self review( in terms of the products you use and your hair practices). I am going to keep on with my regimen and will let you know if I have come up with any changes for the new year!! For my readers, I would like to know how this blog has affected your hair since its inception. I was very humbled and flattered when a friend sent me a picture of her hair now noting how full it has gotten since she started reading my blog!!I would like to hear from you too, please post a comment below, check out the facebook page and let me know how your hair is doing!! Happy Growing!!