So I have been meaning to write a post on this hair trend but I have been putting it off. Today, I have finally decided is the day to ask you WOULD YOU EVER SHAVE HALF OF YOUR HAIR OFF?!! I think the first time I ever saw this hair trend rocked was when Cassie did it !!!

I remember going, 'What the Heck did she do that for!!' But I must admit that it is bold, gives off a tough girl with a soft side vibe and makes a statement no doubt! Any woman that can rock this hair trend has a strong sense of individuality and spunk in my opinion!! Personally I cannot rock this hair style because I will get bored out of my mind and one day I will just want all the hair from the shaved off side to grow back!! But the trend is catching on and a lot of women are going ahead and shaving off one side of their hair. Below are some pictures of women Rocking this hair trend!

This lady keeps it simple like Cassie, shaven head on one side and soft curls on the other....

This Lady is a little bit more adventurous, dying her hair orangy red and leaving the other side with a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

This Lady goes all out Gasta with it!! By spiking up the rest of her hair and adding auburn highlights to her hair!! Cool!!
Well Well, If you are as daring as these ladies, go for the plung will ya!! Shave off one side of your hair, I'd LOVE to see pictures. I have not really seen this trend catch on in Naija, people rather get a weave and crop one side lower than the other side like Nene Leakes  does below
  But that's about it, so I wanna ask you my readers would you or have you tried this hair trend? Let me know below, you can also send me pictures of how you rock this style to the facebook group 'Naija hair can grow!!'  and I'll put the picture up on the blog if you don't mind :)

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*Photo Credit- Essence


  1. nope dont think i ever will. dont see the sense in it though except my hair grows fast. may try it with extensions though

  2. I looooove your hair. Recently, I've been noticing lots of naija girls with beautiful hair. What have I been doing wrong?! lol!

    Check this girl out too-

    You guy have got me inspired. My hair journey starts NOW!

  3. Thanks!! check out my archives for tips on hair care and I am sure you will soon see results.
    @ Stelz, my dear this style isn't for the faint hearted!


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