its been a long while, pardon my absence!! I have been so busy lately I could not sit down and get my thoughts together. Anyways, hope all is well people!

Now to my topic, You know how it feels when your new growth has started springing up and your hair at the roots gets thicker and more difficult to comb? Well I have a quick and straight forward solution to help out with those roots until your next relaxer treatment. I call it a ROOT BLAST!!

All you need is a hair brush( the bristles should not be too soft or too strong)
You will also need a Blow dryer that has a funnel mouth so you can direct the heat to your roots;
All you simply do is, first moisturize and seal your hair root to tip as always, then section your hair into desired sections, use the brush to brush out your roots in a down ward or upward motion, keep the brush in place as it stretches your roots and then use your blowdryer to blast your roots with air in the direction your roots are facing. Below are pictures of me getting a root blast!

The success of your Root Blast depends largely on your ability to firmly hold your brush as it stretches your roots. Applying hot air for a few minutes to actually get it straight and then cool air to seal your cuticles and give it shine will give the best results!

 To avoid hair breakage, do not use the brush to brush out your hair from root to tip, thats why it called a root blast because the aim is to concentrate on getting the roots of your hair loosened like you have straightened them or texturized them( they can never be as sraight as a relaxer would get them though). In getting the roots loosened your hair will be more manageable in terms of combing and you will be able to stretch that relaxer a little bit longer.

A Root Blast is recommended after about 8weeks post relaxer. If you want to stretch your relaxer to like 10 or 12 weeks and beyond, doing it once a week if you need it that bad after your hair has been freshly washed is not a bad idea!!

Below is a picture of my roots, the right side has been blasted and the left side of my roots hasn't and you can clearly see the difference, while the left side still has tight curls at the roots that can easily tangle and frustrate the heck out of me, the right side's roots are straighter and looser making it easier for me to stretch my relaxer!!
So think about getting a Root Blast and feel free to let me know how it works for you. Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Interesting tip, my hair is unrelaxed right now and I use corn rows to stretch it out.

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  3. i would be getting a root blast soon! i currently have almost 2 inches of 14 weeks post relaxer NG and im hoping this helps! great blog by the way. thanks.

    1. Thx Fola, let me know how it goes.


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