Hiya, how’s everyone been? As I said in my last post, my focus this month is basically hair product reviews and this post is a review on V05 hair conditioners, my favorite brand of cheap conditioners.

I know a lot of ladies who spend a fortune on expensive hair products just because they think the more expensive a product is, the better it works! I beg to differ! While I can splurge on different hair products, I know that splurging on a hair conditioner might not be such a smart choice.

Why? Well first of all, if conditioning your hair is part of your weekly routine, you will need a generous amount of hair conditioner and that expensive conditioner will not last you at all. You will end up not using enough on your hair even though your hair needs it or having to spend more money on buying bottles upon bottles.

Most conditioning treatments like prepoo’s last on your hair only a few minutes to few hours, why waste money buying an expensive conditioner that will be down your shower drain in no time.

V05 Hair Conditioners are cheap and cheerful! In Naija here I bought them for N500 each though I recently found them at Park and Shop for about N300 ( I felt so cheated). In the US you can find them at the Dollar Store for less than a dollar sometimes!! That’s how cheap they are!

They smell great, come in a variety of scents, I bought the Kiwi lime squeeze, the extra body volumizing conditioner and there's the strawberry and cream one which is my favorite! And frankly unlike most expensive brands they are plain old conditioners. Sometimes you just need to keep things simple, with hair conditioning, simplicity is key. At the end of the day, all you want is soft manageable  hair.

I use my V05 Conditioners twice a week. Once in the weekend mixed with my higher end Aphogee 2minute Keratin conditioner ( not available in Naija as far as I know) as a Cowash. Then again during the week especially if my hair is not feeling right, I would apply my V05 conditioner as I would a hair moisturizer and either bun my hair up all day or cover it up with a shower cap for about an hour and then wash it out then or at the end of the day. I am telling you, my hair thanks me whenever I do this!! It feels so soft, manageable and hardly any strand of hair is lost!!

There’s a lady on Youtube with a channel called ‘Kiss’, she has stated that she used V05 as a daily moisturizer on her hair during her relaxer stretch. Then another Lady on there with a channel called ‘ulovemegz’ actually made me see the use of cheap conditioners like V05. Now these ladies have grown long beautiful hair so they must know what they are talking about.

If you are finding it hard to get persuaded check out their videos below;

I too was spending 20dollars on conditioners that I thought were superior to these cheap options but I am now convinced that there is no difference as far as V05 goes, they all work the same. Now this ideology of mine is restricted to ONLY conditioners; with shampoos, hair moisturizers, relaxers etc, you get what you pay for.

I hope I have convinced you all, to save that money you are spending on expensive hair conditioners, however if you are not convinced that’s fine, who am I to tell you how to spend your money ;). Just give it a thought though. Any comments, please write below, Catch you on the next post!!



  1. Funny I did dat on tuesday 18th. I rinsed my hair with cold water and put conditioner in it, then rinsed out after 45mins. I'd been in balogun market from abt 11am to 1:30pm my head was on fire! I usu buy those large tubs of conditioner tho. It takes me about 2months plus to finish a tub and its 700bucks.
    Thanks dabs, u d best! *kisses*

  2. I'm gonna try this out. The cost of these hair products do add up.

  3. Cheap condishes are a life saver, I usually mix them up in my deep condishes. I never knew tracycee uses them like a daily moisturizer though... I dont think I am ready for that level yet! LOL

  4. Hi..I just saw a VO5 conditioner for dry damaged hair..and I was so I used it for my co-wash..but wen I left it in my hair for like hair started to feel hard instead of soft..and I read the label properly and it has dimethicone in it..and I'm really worried..I wrapped my hair after washing and I'm scared to comb it out now(I don't use any form of heat on my hair any longer) I'm scared because I read somewhere tHat dimethicone is bad for black hair n ot can build up too..since u hv experience with the conditioner wts ur verdict?? 2 trust it or trash it?

  5. Oh Oh,Sorry that happened to your hair! As I have said in the past, everybody reacts to hair products differently, I have never had that experience with VO5 conditioners especially with the way I use them, I also haven't heard about the dimenthicone not being good for our hair, I do know its best to use natural products for our hair though, so If VO5 doesn't work for you then maybe you can try other cheap conditioners till you find the one that works for you!!

  6. where can i get the product

    1. where to get cheap natural hair product in nigeria

    2. hey,
      thx for your comment. This conditioner can be found in any departmental store for about N500

    3. As for getting natural products, check my latest post on going natural to have an idea :)

  7. what I know about Dimethicone being bad for black hair: this chemical, and all other 'cones' give 'slip' .i.e. slipperiness to the hair. they are good for detangling. they work by coating the hair strand, but they sit there, thus blocking off moisture from getting into the hair shaft. on the long run, this causes brittle areas on the hair strand and leads to breakage. Dimethicone in conditioners gets rinsed off, so it's in leave -ins that this is a prob with. Plus different heads of hair show diff levels of tolerance to stuff. If you have hair that gets really tangled, I'd say use a product with Dimethicone as your rinse out conditioner but choose one that doesn't have it as the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 listed ingredient. Detangle while you still have conditioner on .

  8. dabs, you are the very best ! ! not flattering .thanks for uploading the videos. thanks for all your efforts. much love

  9. I like V05, but it gives me breakouIt. I had to switch to herbal essence. I have it handy, in case I run out of it or for occasional co-washes, but I'll rarely use it

  10. I've used it. It was really good for my hair. Then I felt that I had to use an expensive conditioner and a cheap shampoo so I got Cantu. But I'm thinking of mixing Shea butter and coconut oil in and going back to it so I could splurge on a shampoo instead.


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