It's been ages!!! For those of you who have been looking forward to something new from me, please pardon me I have been very busy. Oh well I have finally put a post together dealing with protecting your extensions while you exercise.

If you exercise regularly and you get extensions in your hair you might find them to be irritating, smelly and just not fun!!While I'd recommend you do not get extensions if you are constantly exercising, I have a few recommendations to make having them more bearable!!

My first recommendation is to securely bun your extensions high up on your head using snag free hair ruffles preferably in silk especially if your extensions are long.

Why? well when you exercise you are moving up and down and the constant moving can cause the extensions to pull at your natural hair and cause breakage plus when you leave your hair hanging low not only will your scalp be sweating but the ends of your hair will also be drenched in sweat, become sticky and weighed down!!Not a good look for extensions!

If it is a weave, before you put the hair up in a bun please DETANGLE using a soft bristle brush only. Hard bristle brushes will be too harsh on your hair.

Weekly wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo especially if you have exercised 5times in the week but you must make sure your scalp is COMPLETELY DRY even if it means spending some time under a hooded dryer, then every other day, cowash your hair with just hair conditioner; now that's IF you are exercising that often, if not stick to a weekly cowash/clarifying shampoo regimen.

Do not cover your head with a bandana, hair scarf or any other funky hair piece, all that will do is make your scalp sweat more and cause more clogging of your pores and more dirt and smelliness!! you may use a sweat band but avoid using it on your scalp but let it rest on your upper neck and forehead  it will still serve its purpose or you may use a hair net, it will put your hair in place but the holes in it will allow your hair breathe.

If you have curly extensions on, you may pin curl your hair with bobby pins( check out my protective style;twist out post or see pic below) or braid the hair into big plaits to keep the curls in place.

Your hair is bound to itch you after exercising, so you might want to carry around a spray bottle with a mixture of water and essential oils like olive, almond and castor oil; adding peppermint oil too might help with soothing a very itchy scalp. When you feel the itch, simply spritz some of your mixture on the affected area and 'tap' please do not 'scratch veraciously' lol because you may scar your scalp and get burns if you get a relaxer when you take out the extensions. What the mixture will do is keep your hair soft and manageable even after you have taken the extensions out.

Hope my tips will help you the next time you have extensions on and you want to hop on a thread mill!! Expect more from me on extensions, leave a comment, ask a questions and ill gladly respond!

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  1. Nice tips. haven't had weaves for a while but braids with extensions have the same problem too.

  2. Ive just put in a weave and your tips seem so sensible so i will definitely be using them.

    Thank you

    1. You are welcome, glad you found them useful

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