This post is just a quick relaxer update!! Below (grey vest)is a picture of my hair when I got it relaxed in June. Yesterday I got it relaxed after stretching for 9weeks, could have made it 10 but there's a family occasion this Saturday and I gasta have sleek edges, if you know what I mean!! LOL , So that's my hair now in August (green sweat shirt) after my relaxer, about 2inches longer I would say, good progress!! But Im noticing that the hair in my middle back is thinner than the rest of my hair, hmmm!! Need to work on that area asap!! Oh well, that's all for now, I would love to see your pictures too, take pics of your hair each time you get  relaxer and post it on  the naija hair can grow!! group on facebook, you need to join though, join now! can't wait to see your progress!! 


  1. wow. your hair's really doing good

  2. yay! 8 weeks of following your blog my hair did show improvement when i retouched last weekend. however i noticed something about my hair, the hair at the back of my head is long, then front and middle hair stop near my orgor!is der any way i can send u a picture so u can see what is goin on with my hair length? i had just grown out my Anita baker hair cut from 2009, in hope that the front hair would catch with the back hair. but that is not the case again, i dont want to go get another hair so the lazy front and middle hair will not catch up again.

  3. Hey Jambudu so sorry I am just seeing this! you can send a picture of your hair to the facebook group so I see what your talking about, just search 'Naija Hair can grow'. I look forward to seeing it :)


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