Its time for my favorite aspect of this blog! My objective opinion on what's hot these days as it concerns extensions; weaves and braids!!

This season THE FULL FRINGE is HOT!!

Everyone seems to be rocking a full fringe these days, from celebrities;
Mo Cheddah
Genevieve Nnaji

to super models;
Agbani Dereago
Tyra Banks

to every day ladies!

HOME GIRL; Steph Williams Hart
COUSIN; Tami Lopez

Why I think its HOT; With a full fringe you ALWAYS look put together!! The fringe frames your face and draws attention to your eyes which you can play up for added drama!!

Be warned though if you have a square shaped face, this look might be too hard for you because such a blunt fringe will play up your angular jaw line and make your face look even more square, also if your face is round shaped, a full fringe might emphasize the volume of your face because of its fullness, to avoid this you might want to make your bangs wispy and tapered softly and not just one straight blunt line!

Full Fringes best suit ladies with Oval shaped faces and long faces as it draws attention to their eyes the most and in the case of long faces, it shortens their faces.

Full Fringes are great if you have a big forehead like our girl ‘RiRi (below)

They are a great way to cover it up head wise!lol. For all you extension divas, come out of your usual cycle of fixing a side swept weave or wavy center part weave and try out a Full Fringe!!    

FOR BRAIDS; Have you noticed that medium/big sized long 'Bob Marley' braids r making their way back in the hair fashion scene!!Well I have and I love them! Because they are faster to get done and less stress on your natural hair especially your hair line and also they last long and are versatile in styling!! Below are a few ladies and how they are rocking the 'Bob Marley' braids on the red carpet, 2011 style!!

Effortlessly Chic!

Side Swept

You can also wear your big braids woven down like Jada does below;
Hope you have enjoyed this post! feel free, get inspired and re create any of these styles. Weaves and braids are a great way to grow your own natural hair and protect it from the everyday wear and tear but as I have emphasized in previous posts, they must be applied and maintained properly. Thanks for stopping by, please stop by again!!


*Photo Credits; seriouslydoughnuts.com, bellanaija.com, justjarred.buzznet.com, thirstyroots.com

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