I am almost ashamed to come on here because it's been agessss!! The blog reading culture is phasing out but you know what, sometimes we need more than just a few lines on Instagram to pass a message across and I know there are still people out there who appreciate a good blog read so I am going to start blogging again for that select crowd...

So let's get straight to the topic of the day...after I vehemently promised myself never ever to touch a pack of hair dye even with a 10 foot pole again because of the destruction hair dye caused me years ago, I found myself longing and drooling and ogling over colored hair since I became natural...

You know I am natural now right? Okay just checking! LOL

Anyways, so there I was convincing myself that since my hair is natural it would withstand the adverse effects of color better than relaxed hair- FACT.

I however did not want stories that touch if you know what I mean, so I decided to play it safe...Here are the steps I took to ensure that my color process will not leave me in tears down the line.

Step 1- I thoroughly clarified my hair days before the D-Day with a bentonite clay mask- Follow this link HERE to see how I make my mask. P.S I have an updated mask recipe for my natural hair, filmed it, who will help me edit it? :)

Step 2- The day of, I bought the Crème of Nature Honey Blonde hair dye- 

 Before application, I twisted the section I was coloring into about 10 twists then coated the tips with 100% black Jamaican oil- to serve as a protective barrier basically to prevent the hair dye from breaking down the hair cuticle completely  (In other words, the color was not completely released and the pay off is not as intense as if I hadn't coated it.) but the health of my hair is always my priority.

Step 3- I decided to apply the color to the last 3- 2 inches of the front of my hair, I really wanted to just give my hair some highlights and nothing too dramatic. Again this was to mitigate any major set backs that could arise from dying my sisters especially those who have never dyed their hair before, let me advice you to please follow this method because you may not be prepared for how your hair will react to the not go and apply the dye to your entire head of hair and have it falling out in heaps 3 months down the line and cry foul oh!! Okay, it might not fall out completely but be prepared to do very regular deep conditioning to prevent it from drying out and breaking off!

Step 4- I wrap the colored sections of the twists in foil and waited about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Once I saw that the hair was colored I washed the hair out and followed with a deep conditioning hair mask for at least an hour.

Air dried and styled!!

The final result looked really good but let me tell you I could instantly feel that the colored hair was more fragile, it felt thinner and more stringy! Since coloring my hair, I have seen an increased number of split ends and single strand knots so my hair is always heavily sealed to combat that..

So you see, why I titled this post Color with Caution. I colored the very ends of my hair that I can easily snip off if they become too unhealthy looking, compare that to having to chop off 5 - 6 inches because the hair dye has damaged the hair...with this decision, I can enjoy having a different look with colored hair and I can also sleep easy knowing it won't set me back on my hair journey!!




  1. I recently colored my hair. Coloired the tips also but more than 5inches. Except coating with oil and using foil it was basically the same thing I did.
    So far its been okay. My hair isn't chopping or breaking off more than it normally does. I condition more often too.

    About the blog reading culture, I was just talking about this one a post I wrote. I think its hair niche blogging that has gone some tones down not the blog reading culture in general.

    1. you have a point re- blogging culture...I think with something like hair, it's just more practical to visuals and videos than text. Thanks for commenting all the same x

  2. I recently colored my hair but just the tip because i am scared of damaging my hair since i am natural. In my opinion, i think its more beautiful just dying the tip than the whole hair especially when you skeptical about how the color will suit you

    1. I like that you concur. Thanks for your comment x

  3. I have dyed my hair twice. Not the full head of hair - just streaks. And I love the colour. I used Clairol Textures and Tone Ruby Rage. The colour has now faded to orange. I love it!
    Yes. I concur with you - DYE WITH VERY HIGH CAUTION. If you haven't been discipline about deep conditioning, maybe you should consider postponing the dye session. Otherwise serious hair loss will happen.

    1. haha very high caution indeed! Thanks for your comment x

  4. It's so refreshing to read a new blog post. People are more and more finding it challenging to read more than 2 paragraphs (wahala dey).
    Dabs, I hope we will be getting new blog posts. I've been an ardent reader of your blog for 5 years.

  5. I want to dye my hair but I'm just skeptical

  6. I just admire dyed hair from afar, mostly through my screen.😊. I am the laziest and am practising basic benign neglect at the moment, that's how I know I'd never be able to keep up with the upkeep and care required when dealing with dyed strands... Love your results Dabs... Do give us an update as you go on...


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